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Battle Of the Bards! - (19/01/17) 6PM CST

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[align=center]Battle of the Bards!





The intro~

Welcome to the Mischief's Coven Battle of the Bands RP Event! This event will take place on the 19th January at Midnight GMT! (6PM CST!)


This is an event for Bards to strut their stuff, and show what they are really made of, in song form of course! The ultimate completion with only one victor. The event will take place at the Mischief's Coven FC home, Plot 50 Ward 12 Lavender beds. Theres even prizes!


The IC bit~


The Tavern is quite new on the scene, needing to spread the word about its amazing cider and cracking company, what better way than to host a cut-throat singing competition! The Tavern has been handing out flyers which read:


[align=center]"Are your friends bickering about who can sing better? Who's the better bard or just the fact that they don't go to enough shows?! Well look no further! The Mischief's Tavern proudly presents!" [/align]


[align=center]"BATTLE OF THE BARDS!"[/align]


[align=center]If you want to come along, pop down to Plot 50, ward 12 of the Lavender beds, on 19th January! It will be a lot of fun, and cider is half price!"[/align]


[align=center]"(If you wish to participate as a contestant, and have a shot at glory, as well as prizes! Then contact Miss Liliro Liro, the Tavern owner. You must have an original song prepared, good luck!"[/align]


The OOC bit~


The competition will work as follows: You will apply and express your interest OOCly or ICly (your choice, however you may have to do some RP before the event if you express your interest OOCly) Then you will be entered into the competition draw. On the night, you will have prepared a song to ICly perform. There are two stages of the competition, individual and battle stages. 


The first stage (individual) you will perform a song on your own, and the judges will score it, it can be any song of your choice, however bonus points for humour and originality! There will be a knockout, where only the top two bards will remain and walk on stage. 


The second stage (battle) you will perform a song against your opponent, A back and forth with rolls to determine how well the part was performed, here is an example.


"Liliro begins the battle, smirking she begins singing: "I want to ride my chocobo all daaaaay, I want to fly awaaay, but chocobo's are to fat to fly~" She plays her harp, swaying in time with her tune.


/Random! Liliro Rolls 450


Kasi chuckles, smiling as she retaliates "A chocobo is a pretty sight, compared to your poor face which gives Behemoths a fright~" 


/Random Kasi rolls 700"


In this instance above, Kasi would be one point ahead, this will be a best of three. If the score is 2/1 for example, then the game is over!


The songs don't can be anything you choose, however the funnier the better. Just because you win the rolls It doesn't mean you win the competition, it just means you performed slightly better than your opponent, bonus points are still awarded after for originality, humor and showmanship!


If you wish to participate in this event, then either comment on this event post, or message me in game! Look forward to seeing you all there.

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