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Mogberry Menagerie


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Downstairs, the Moogle Cafe was lively. Customers chatted, drank, and ate. A dancer earned cheers from her place on the stage. Staff joked and flirted, served and entertained. Downstairs, everything was cozy. Bright. Friendly. Warm. Inviting.


In the back, occasional strains of music and merrymaking could be heard. In the back, in one of the rooms kept behind locked doors, a woman lay dying on the floor: held there by a man while two women stood and watched. It was business, nothing more. She'd broken the rules, and by their rules, she must be punished. She must die.


No one who broke the sanctity of secrecy in the Menagerie would go unpunished.


A patron entered, and saw the scene. He waited as the three looked up, looked him over, and he tried to discern who it was being broken.


"Oh," he said. "I liked her."


"Buying?" One of the women asked.


"The usual," he said, shifting. He needed his fix.


The man jerked his head back, to the small counter.


The patron edged past the arm that lay outstretched, flung towards the door. Its fingers were mangled.


Just another day in the seedy underbelly, behind money-laundering fronts, secrets, and bold-faced lies.


Welcome to the Menagerie.





Slice-of-life light entertainment in the front.

Criminal activity and debauchery in the back.

Which you're involved in is up to you.


[align=center]Characters Needed[/align]


Complicated, well-written characters always welcome.

Staff for the front/back (servers/waiters, dancers, musicians)

Connections for dirty business.

Make your case. Impress us.

You do not need to join to participate.

Looking to recruit 3-4 more people.




Tani Brightborn/Zhavi Streetrunner

Minalla Dieu-le-veut (currently unavailable - traveling)

Zeiwix Duimione

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