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Pearl Appeal



  • History:

The Midnight Pearl’s, “Pearl Appeal,” was founded by the late Absolonloix Beaureux after he established his shipping business. With a keen eye and appreciation for pearls, Absolonloix had been inspired to create the business after a noticeable void in supply of the exotic gemstone. “Pearl Appeal,” was founded with the same standards and quality as the shipping business and only sold pearls of the best quality. Often those who could afford the stones were nobles, well off merchants, and guilds. Like the shipping company, “Pearl Appeal,” maintained a renowned reputation for their quality and care. Unfortunately, pearl beds were destroyed around the time of Absolonloix’s death. Yet, with much persistence, and a few surviving oysters, the Midnight Pearl has finally revived, “Pearl Appeal.”



  • Introduction:

Hello everyone!


This is the next chapter in the business assets that the Midnight Pearl offers to the community. We will be selling various pearl types and sizes. This service is offered to all members of the community from collectors to crafters. We will occasionally have, “Specialty Pearls,” which will go on auction. All prices are in character and there will be no out of character coin exchanged (unless people would like to donate towards the Midnight Pearl). The point of this is to create further inter-community roleplay between us and other players. We hope that crafters and collectors may take advantage of the opportunity to purchase from community suppliers instead of NPCs. We also offer jewelry for a slight price increase! 



  • Process:

Pearl Appeal has beds at the Mists estate. Though currently under renovation, the estate’s beds were one of the things that took a lot of time and effort to restore. The location of the beds is not privvy to the public (due to past property violations) and the process of which the pearls are made is kept a sanctuary secret. After all, no good thing comes without a special, personal touch! 



  • Price:

You can find our newly renovated prices here! Please click on the pearl type you are interested in having your character purchase. You can contact us here or in game on Khenbish Monsaran.





[align=center]*Please note that this is not a guild recruitment! You can see more about that on our Free Company page. This is simply a means to connect us with the community and hopefully build connections![/align]

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Pearl Appeal



Interested in the raffle but need a little extra to push you over? Perhaps you’ve a special someone in your life but you don’t have the grand finances in order to truly let them know how special they are? Well, look no further than the Sweetheart Festival



A special Lover’s Sack is able to be selectively won by those participating at the Sweetheart Festival! First, all the raffle winners will receive one of these pink satin bags (tied with a white ribbon, Pearl Appeal is written on the ribbon’s end). Likewise, the person with the greatest strength and the best shot of the evening will also win a Lover’s Sack. Lastly, the largest donation at the kissing booth will earn you a bag!


So what’s in the bag!?


  • One (1) Pink Cherry Blossom Hairpiece
  • One (1) Pink Rose and Rhotano Pearl Bracelet
  • Two (2) Pearl Appeal Rhotano Pearl Necklaces
  • Two (2) Bouquets of Lifeblooming Red Roses*

* Lifeblooming Roses are magickally blessed roses that can survive up to one turn!  All flora provided by Bunny Service @ the Midnight Pearl.



These bags are priced at 280k (280,000!) gil, each! Don’t miss out on this very sweet offer. Only at the Sweetheart Festival!

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