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[align=center]Just what the title of the thread says![/align]

[align=center]I am in fact looking for roleplay partners / connections.[/align]

[align=center]The good, the bad, the ugly![/align]

[align=center]These are 'hooks' and just ideas for my current characters in play, so that I can better find connections for each of them! They could be good, bad, ugly. All of it is good to me![/align]



[align=center]Current Characters;[/align]


[align=center]Lyra Jhin[/align]

[align=center]Seeker of the Sun female[/align]

[align=center]20 summers old.[/align]

[align=center]Lyra is the current owner of The Safe House in The Goblet. She took over when the previous owner stepped back with her partner to take a leave with their children. Lyra is a blind tribal seeker, warm and incredibly compassionate. At times, she can very much be seen as naive and also overly friendly. But that is just how she is! Perhaps its just a mask? never know![/align]


[align=center]What manner of connections am I seeking for this character?[/align]

[align=center]Any and all connections welcome![/align]


[align=center]Zihva Nisrhaza[/align]

[align=center]Keeper of the Moon Female[/align]

[align=center]27 summers old.[/align]

[align=center]The medical catte-bitch. She's not overly nice, this keeper. Her cold gaze is about as harsh as the words she often uses to cut people down. She's very rarely seen during the day, the sun burning her pale flesh. She's covered in tattoos, and has more piercings than what should be allowed. [/align]


[align=center]She runs the medical division of the Safe House, and also seems to have connections and the ability to procure drugs, poisons, all manner of objects. Ask her about her skills with a piercing gun, she's quite good![/align]



[align=center]What manner of connections am I seeking for this character? [/align]

[align=center]Any and all connections welcome![/align]



[align=center]Nahla Wolfe[/align]

[align=center]Highlander Female[/align]

[align=center]27 years old.[/align]

[align=center]The weapon-smith and aether technician. Not that many people know much about that. She tends to just be known as a mercenary, and a bitchy one at that. The scar around her throat speaks of a rather nasty past, though she doesn't often talk about it. [/align]




[align=center]If you want to talk about RP, the easiest way to get hold of me is and always will be discord![/align]

[align=center]Sirin#6798 [/align]

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