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Looking for friends, contacts and Azeyma worshipers!

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[align=center]Hikari Miyuki

paladin of Azeyma[/align]




Hikari is a raen au'ra that's recently arrived to Eorzea and is looking to meet people and establish friendships and contacts. Her Eorzean isn't very good, and she can be very stiff and formal on first meeting but she's been working on trying to seem more approachable and friendly. She is a paladin of Azeyma and is generally a good person trying to find her way in a world she knows nothing about.


Hikari enjoys many things, such as books and writing. She is a snob when it comes to handmade things and demands only the best craftsmanship. She enjoys looking at lovely scenery and quiet times. Hikari loves watching people sing or dance and appreciates the fine arts and has a certain fascination of the beast tribes.



About me:

I'm a pretty open and friendly person, and I put as much effort into the rp as I get which means if you want to do paragraph-style with lots of actions I'm all up for that, but if you don't put any effort into the rp, for example one word replies, I'll stay for the session but probably not ask for a second meeting.


My work is generally early mornings, so you can find me on at various points in the day, and I am in the central time zone. I'm fairly knowledgeable about lore in the game and don't have a problem with lore-bending as long as it makes sense and as a roleplayer I tend to go between Medium and Heavy. I enjoy PvE in this game but if asked to roleplay I generally will agree in favor of that instead of getting shinies.




What is Hikari looking for?


Friendships: Hikari comes to Eorzea leaving almost everyone she knows behind. She's feeling a bit lost and could use some new friends who help ground her to her new life.


Contacts: Are you in possession of information? Know where a particularily nice relic is kept in a deep, dark dungeon? Do you know where some undiscovered treasure is being kept away and only need a bit of gold to spill the information? You'd like to meet Hikari. She's rich and pays well for any sort of information that could lead her towards her goals in life.


Azeyma: Being a paladin of Azeyma Hikari would welcome any kindred spirits. While she doesn't spout religious texts with every breath she does dedicate a large part of her life to her choosen goddess and would welcome anyone else who does the same to learn from and seek help and guidance in her life.




Where to find Hikari?


Being new to Eorzea she doesn't have any particular spot she hangs out around except one, the lavender beds where her Free Company resides. Barring that she's been slowly working her way about Eorzea and could randomly meet up with anyone, anywhere.




If you are interested in RP'ing with me please let me know either here or via pm! I'm on randomly through out the day as well.

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Hey, Arietty! Kazukata could always use a Doman friend (shockingly, I have yet to run into any fellow Domans despite getting the impression they grow on trees). Check out my wiki and see if anything about him strikes your fancy.



Hello Kazukata! I'll reply to you in a PM but I am very interested!

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