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Hi! I'm new to the RP community and am almost ready to transfer to Balmung and was wondering if any Freecompanies there were possibly looking for new members! I'm not a stranger to RPing in general, having done so for a few years, however i am unversed in the FF14 Lore so an understanding helpful environment would be the best! As for the types of RP, i am not very picky but find i have somewhat of a specialty in Romances. However as i only have 1 character profile made right now i would want to avoid more dark, criminal styled RPs as it doesn't fit with her character.

That being said, here's my character! I'm open to critique as well!


Character name: Zakiki Zaki

Nickname: None

Origin of Nickname: None

Birthdate: 20th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon. She is 22.

Place of Birth: Gridania

Ethnicity: Plainsfolk

Religion: None


Height: 34.2 inches

Weight: Average

Body type:

Eye color: Blue

Glasses or Vision Enhancements:

Skin tone (pale, tan, olive, brown, etc): Light

Face shape: (round, square, oval, chubby, heart-shaped): Round

Prominent features: None

Tattoos or distinguishing marks:

Casting choice (what actor do they resemble?):


General health: Healthy

Disabilities, illnesses, or weaknesses:


Fashion and style (what do they wear, how do they wear it?):

Special jewelry: Her mother’s silver earrings.

Hair color: Green with white highlights

Hairstyle: Tied in two tails.

Grooming: Well groomed.


Additional information: Usually seen brushing her hair when not doing anything, paranoid of leave and twigs getting caught in it.




Languages spoken: Common and Native.

Accent or dialect: None

Vocabulary/reading level: High.

Voice tone: Light.

Favorite phrases: Being small has so many issues!

Do they curse: Yes.

Demeanor: Happy and cheerful.

Mannerisms: Kind and understand, a curious individual open to learning new things.



Habitual behaviors (nail-biting, drumming fingers, hair fixing, etc.): Constantly brushes or runs fingers through hair.

Posture: Timid, especially around larger individuals like Roegadyn.



Current occupation: Hunter.

Level of job satisfaction: Acceptable.

Years at current occupation: 6.

Income: Average.

Professional skills: Knowledge of farming and crop raising.

Combat skills: Knowledge of tracking and hunting.


Additional information:




Place of residence: Gridania.

Type of residence: Inn

Who do they live with: No one.

Pets: None

Overall quality of living conditions: Average.

Home décor: None.

Important features of home: None.




Marital status: Single.

Significant partner(s): None.

How did they meet partner: N/A

Nickname for partner: None.

Previous romantic partners: None.


Children: None.

Relationship with children:




Important family:

Mother: Nayiyi Nayi

Age: 47

Living or deceased: Living.

Mother’s occupation: Farmer.


Father: Ehu Yuhu

Age: 48

Living or deceased: Living

Father’s occupation: Hunter.


Siblings: None.

Describe the quality of relationship with any significant family members: Loving and caring.


Extended family:


Friends: None so far.

Best Friend:

Describe relationship with friend(s):


Additional information:


How does the character relate to:





Past lovers/spouses:



Friends: Warmly and friendly.

Employer: Professional.







Strangers: Kind.

Opposite sex:

Same sex:

Family members: Loving.



Authority: Respectful.




Additional information:




What do they love: The earthy smell of the land.

What is their passion: Hunting.

What do they hate: Any animal larger than her.

What would they die for: Her family and friends.

What do they value: Loyalty and friendship.

Secret loves: None.

Sexual behavior: None.


Personal philosophies: None.

Politics: None.

Spirituality: None.

Prejudices: Timid around Roegadyn due to their size.


Greatest strength: Tracking.

Greatest weakness or flaw: Still practicing the way of hunting.


Their favorite attribute: Her poetry.

Least favorite attribute: Her size.


Biggest secret: Is away from home looking for a suitable husband.

Biggest fear: Being eaten.


Most likeable trait: Perky and happy in almost any circumstance once she gets to know you.

Least likeable trait:

How are they perceived by others: Innocent.


Proudest accomplishment: Shot a raven out of the sky when it made off with her earrings.

Other accomplishments: None.

Biggest regret: Leaving home.

Most embarrassing moment: Almost shot her father’s foot when learning to wield a bow.

Personality quirks: None major.

Would they like to change anything about themselves: Her height.


Short term or long term goals: Short term, to improve her hunting skills. Long term, to find a husband.

Obstacles: Has not been away from home for long. New to the adventuring lifestyle.


Heroes or role models:

Negative role models:

Biggest life influence: Father and mother.


Likes or dislikes: Likes Poetry, song, and chocolate. Dislikes animals larger than her.

Favorite book, movie, music, etc:


Additional information:





Hometown: A small farmstead on the border of Gridania.


Past relationships: None.

First love: None.

First sexual experience: Virgin.


Major childhood events: Taught to work the fields since she was 6, learned to hunt at the age of 16.

Best memory: Her first crop harvest.

Worst memory: Bad harvest over the winter.

Saddest memory:

Quality of childhood: Good.


Educational experience/level: Home schooled by a learned mother.

Significant school experiences: None.

Special skills or training: Hunting and farming.

Anything un-skilled, needs work: Works to perfect her hunting skills.

Hobbies: writing poetry.


Major illnesses, accidents or traumas: A monster attack when she was training alone.


Police record/criminal record: none.



Morning routine: Stretch, breakfast, and an hour of archery practice.

Afternoon routine: Searching for a partner, hunting, taking jobs for income.

Evening routine: Resting, writing poetry, drinking at the bar.

Sleep habits: Tucked away in a hidden spot if at camp, curled up in sheets if at room.


Additional information:




Zakiki grew up an only child with her mother and father at their farmstead on the Gridanian border. Since she turned 6 her mother schooled her and trained her how to work the fields. To care for livestock, the soil, properly harvesting plants and crops. When she turned 16 her father took her to his training range to being her hunting practice.

Her family has had a long tradition since their roots in theSouthern Isles. The women practiced exceptional horticulture that they passed down to their daughters, and the men hunting that they passed down to their sons. However as Zakiki was an only child, she was tasked with learning both sides of the family traditions, which has happened before.

Taking an further interest in hunting and archery than shedid farming, despite the skill difference, she spent much of her practice time deeper in the forest, hunting birds and rabbits and the like for supper and trade. However one day she was practicing on a tree trunk and found herself suddenly ambushed by a large monster she tries not to remember. It was only thanks to a passing, veteran adventurer she escaped with her life. Since then she has stuck on hinting smaller beasts and learning to avoid the giants, a right proper fear distilled in her.

At present, 22 years old, Zakiki left her home to findherself a suitable husband to continue the family line. Catching a carriage to the capital, she awaits the adventures that awaited her.

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Hey there! Zakiki seems like they would be a wonderful fit for the Glowfly Exchange. We're a trading and commerce/adventuring Free Company based out of the Shroud and we're currently taking new applicants.


I'd love to roleplay with you as well to get to know the character a bit more! You can shoot me a pm here or message me in game and i'll respond as soon as possible.


You can read more about the Free Company here

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Hello! If you're interested in an adventuring treasure hunting/investigation type company check out the Outriders!


Info is here as well as the application. http://outridersofbalmung.enjin.com/


If you want someone in game to talk to, contact N'aomi Kett (me!)



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