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M'ara Rahj


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★ Basic Information ★

★ Character: M'ara Rahj

★ Linkshells: N/A

★ Primary RP Linkshell: N/A


☾ RP Style ☽

☾  Amount of RP:

I fluctuate from light to heavy, but I really want to expand my time spent IC and immersed in the world.


☾  Views on RP combat and injuries:

I'll be honest, I suck at combat. If you are interested in combat RP, my partner is amazing at it and would love to fight. That being said, I'm fine with M'ara being hurt during a mugging or something, but I'd prefer her to stay alive! 


☾  Views on IC romance:

No thank you. 


☾  Views on non-romantic RP:

Yes! Since Miqo'te clans are quite large (and M'ara shares blood in both clans) I'm open to people playing close/distant relatives. Half-brothers/sisters are most likely going to be the case.


☾  Views on lore:

I'm new to FFXIV. As such, I'm still dipping my toes in the lore of Eorzea. I'm very lore-abiding, but maybe be estranged to some things and might need a few pointers to stay within the realm of lore. 


☾  Views on chat functions:

I can RP in whatever format! On linkshells, it would most likely be communicator-esque RP, however.


★ Other Information ★

★ Country: United States of America

★ Timezone: Eastern (UTC -5)

★ Contact info: Feel free to message me here, on my RP tumblr, or in-game.

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