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Player from Malboro, New to RP


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Heya! My name is Jelili, also the name of my primary character, Jelili Jeli. I've been developing her character for about a year, and I want to break into RPing.


I know my server isn't 100% stellar for roleplaying, but I'm still hoping to find some people.


Hope to see you soon!

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Hello! I'm also from Malboro and just signed up here not too long ago!


You're right; Malboro's not the greatest when it comes to RP groups and such, but I've seen a few people around. I'm pretty new to RPs myself and would really like to see what it's all about. It sounds like fun!

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Hello and welcome!


You can try editing your search info to Roleplaying. That way, it'll be easier to advertise yourself as a roleplayer. Naturally, that means being on the look-out for other players with this in their search info too!


Best of luck! And may the path you choose be filled and blessed by the light of the crystal!

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I happen to be on Malboro as well. I've already run into Roegavin [super friendly person to meet there, honestly!], will keep an eye out for any other of you who posted in here. Feel free to hit me up as well, character name is Arik Khatayin


And what Ligardian said is very true. Look for that search info. Also, should look for people who happen to have their RP tag up as well. Given how scattered Malboroian roleplayers seem to be, it's an ideal to make a habit of searching every person.

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