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Kailani Malia


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I. Basic Info

Characters: Kailani (Ky-lawn-ee), "Kai"

Primary character: Kailani Malia

Linkshells: A bunch.



II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

Medium to Heavy. My primary reason for playing this game is roleplay, though I also enjoy some PvE content when the opportunity presents itself. I'd prefer for it to lean towards the Heavy once I get some things rolling.


Views on RP combat and injuries:

I love combat in RP, especially in this type of world where there is conflict on a somewhat regular basis. - I do not like using PvP or dueling for RP combat though. My preference is always emoting out what is happening with a /roll system to help keep it interesting. I do tend to avoid getting into any type of combat with players I don't know unless we can talk some things out beforehand. Godmodding is a huge pet peeve of mine and if I'm enjoying the story but not interested in playing out the combat with a particular person, I'll discuss with them OOC what happened and write it into my story.


Views on IC romance:

As a player, I'm open to anything organically happening in my characters life, which includes romantic involvement. It's not something I seek out but I'm not opposed to it either. Though I will say, if it ever happened, I as her player would need to have a friendship with whoever the other party was to clarify boundaries as this type of RP can get a little intense at times. So while I won't close the door on it, Kailani is not the type who needs a romantic relationship in her life to be happy.


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

I love depth in my characters lives and this includes a family background or history. Though as we all know, sometimes RPers can be fickle or schedules and interests change, with people coming and going. So my preference is to write in great friends/enemies, instead of blood relatives. Unless we can agree their relationship is estranged with no plans to change that. But relationships whether friends or enemies, business associates and networking are vital to keep a story going.


Views on lore:

I'm still learning about the FFXIV story, though I very much do like to stay within lore when creating my characters or living out their lives. I also prefer it when the people I interact with do the same. Although, I will not police other people's RP. If something comes up that seems a little off or implausible, I may ask them about it OOC for clarification. But if it's something a player seems to do often, I will probably avoid interacting with them IC.


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

I think OOC communication is important when playing a game like this. So keeping open channels in linkshells and tells is something I'd prefer. As for actual RP, I tend to emote out most of my interactions, and include /say type conversation within the emotes. - I am not a fan of /tell RP from people I've never interacted with before unless it is proceeded or preceded with a public emote.



III. Other Info

Country: USA

Timezone: EST - Play times are hit or miss throughout the day, though I am on more often in the evenings.

Contact info: In game or via PM here. I use Discord for friends and LS/FC stuff.

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