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Regarding "Featured Articles"

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Hey gang. Just wanted to post a quick 'memo' of sorts to let you know that anyone is allowed to submit featured articles for the front page. Obviously, the "Welcome" block/page and "Artist of the Month" are pretty much taken. The Census block is also taken for now until all the polls are complete. However! That does leave one block (currently occupied by the RP guide for some time now) for grabs.


If you'd like to write/submit an article pertaining to anything RP-related, please feel free to PM me at any time. Depending on how many people want to submit things, you COULD end up on a waiting list but I don't think that'll be a real concern.


User submitted articles can be submitted now and beyond, including post-launch.


Some things to note:


--The article must be appropriate for the site (as in, in line with the forum rules). As such, no articles with defamatory content of any sort will be accepted. Contests can also possibly be permitted depending on the nature of the contest.

--As the author, you must be prepared for potential criticism if some do not agree with the stance of the article for whatever reason. These debates, if any, should remain civil at all times (and moderators will determine what's "civil" and what isn't). The RPC as an organization prides itself on being supportive of all viewpoints, regardless if the view is in the minority/majority.

--Please submit a front page picture (475 x 304 pixels) to go along with the article, along with any other images you wish to be used.

--The article must pertain to RP, the RP community, RP events, and/or FFXIV.

--NDA remains in effect until phase 3 of the beta begins.

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