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Mini-Contest: Win Free Arts!

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I just wanted to have a bit of fun with everyone here and hold a little mini-contest to encourage everyone to get together and share some of their creativity.


The Contest: Using only 1.0 gathered items (as there is an NDA in place, I remind you all), I want you to come up with a tea blend.


You aren't limited to even just use the plants or herbs. If you think of something maybe using some food items, maybe even wood or animals for flavor. Who knows! Go nuts!  But it all has to be edible. Give it a name and list your ingredients!


Here are a few databases for help!




My favorites will be used on my RP character, Ophelia's, tea shop/inn in Ul'dah come time for RPing again.


To enter, simply post your tea blend's name and the ingredients in the thread!


As for prizes, I hope everyone likes free art! 'Cause it's kind of all I have to offer at the moment. ; ;


First Place: The person with what I feel is the most creative and delicious sounding tea will get an image like this: Click!

A full body, colored and shaded image of your character (or whomever you want). On top of this, it will be done before any other art project in my freebie request thread (excluding paid commissions).


Second Place: The runner up will receive a waist-up image of their character (or whomever), also colored and shaded.


Third Place: A portrait (Shoulders-and-upward), colored and shaded, of their/whomever's character.




You can enter as many times as you like, with as many recipes as you like.

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Tea?! I love tea! Here are my entries! :D



Valentione's Love Tea


A flirty black tea perfect for that special someone. Fruity accents and a hint of chocolate make it a wonderful evening blend to share.




- Chopped Bubble Chocolate

- Dried Rolanberry

- Dried Carnation Petals

- Thanalan Tea Leaves



Berry Bliss


A subtle and refined, delicately floral and slightly sweet tea with a secret ingredient, Blood Currants. These beautiful berries sing when paired with rich, floral black tea. Big pieces of Apple and Pineapple round out the fresh taste, perfect for a summers day.




- Dried Blood Currants

- Dried Faerie Apple

- Dried Prickly Pineapple

- Thanalan Tea Leaves



La La Noscean


A sweet, citrus cocktail of La Noscean Oranges and Sun Lemons. Faerie Apples and Coerthas Carrot for extra sweetness, and Nopales for kick. Perfect hot, or iced.




- Chamomile

- Coerthas Carrot Flakes

- Dried Faerie Apple

- Dried La Noscean Orange Slices

- Nopales

- Pixie Plum Leaves

- Sun Lemon Peel

- Yellow Ginseng



Sunny Lemon


A light morning tea with a citrus lemon smile.




- Chamomile

- Dried Desert Saffron

- Mugwort

- Sun Lemon Peel



Mothers Cold Remedy


Mothers know just how to soothe a cold, and this simple mixture of Sun Lemon and Pearl ginger does just that.




- Thanalan Tea Leaves

- Pearl Ginger

- Sun Lemon Peel

- Dried Desert Saffron

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Ginger Honey Tea -- A bitter sweet & spicy drink, warms the tummy.


Finely chopped pearl ginger


Tea leaves



Apple Cinnamon Tea -- Like eating warm apple pie?  You'll love drinking it more.


Boiled, mashed, strained faerie apples



Tea leaves



Ginseng Tea -- A herbal tea from the Far East use to /stimulate/ the body.


Chopped ginseng

Tea leave

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I know this is probably not something anyone would want to publicly carry in a tea house for sale, but the idea really struck me so here goes~



Bella's Kiss


This smoky flavored, dark tea is made from a carefully measured combination of black Thanalan Tea leaves and dried Belladonna, a beautiful flower common in Aldenard known for its potent, sleep inducing poison. Once prescribed in careful amounts as a sleep aid for the chronic insomniac, this tea blend has been derided due to its addictive, narcotic quality, and sometimes fatal side effects.


It is commonly enjoyed chilled, with sweet cream added to taste. In some circles cloves are a popular, though optional, addition.




Thanalan Tea Leaves

Sweet cream

Cloves (optional)

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Mmmmmm... tea~  Here's a few which may or may not have been referenced in actual in-game RP~



Nophica's Embrace


Left to steep for several days for optimal taste before boiling and serving, this deep reddish tea gets its bouquet of soothing aromas and subtle flavors from all across Eorzea.




* Red Landtrap Leaves

* Matron's Mistletoe

* Blood Currants

* Chamomile

* Extract from Lowlands Grape

* Nutmeg




The Sun Shower


A delightful breakfast beverage, the Sun Shower is a powerful black tea featuring a pungent aroma said to be able to rouse the senses of even the deepest slumberers.  It is often paired with squeezed sun lemon juice in a quantity to suit the drinker's taste.




* Thanalan Tea Leaves

* Zest of a Sun Lemon

* Yellow Ginseng

* Finely ground Cinnamon




Baron Teale


Named for an Ishgardian noble, this orange-flavored blend once reserved for only the wealthiest Eorzeans has become widely available to all and is synonymous with high-class living, even for those on a budget.  It is most commonly paired with sweet cream and honey.




* Laurel Leaves

* Finely-grated Pearl Ginger

* La Noscean Orange Peelings

* Nutmeg




Sweetened Dreams


This before-bedtime blend was made with adventurers in mind and is offered at most inns throughout Eorzea to aid weary travelers to their dreamland destinations.




* Blue Landtrap Leaves

* Chamomile

* Honey

* Buffalo Milk

* A single drop of Belladonna extract

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Yesterday I could create only one flavor because it was the 2:00 AM and I must sleep. but now I'm able to think at a decente rate :P


Here the complete list


Ten thousand chop: 

-kukuru bean


-dragon pepper

-salted butter



Mistery of Sharlayan:

-thanalan tea leaf


-vanilla beans

-sun lemon


Blue sea of limsa lominsa:

-blue landtrap leaf

-malm keep

-lowland grapes

-maple sugar


Warm sun:

-sun lemon



-thanalan tea leaf


Fine taste:

-thanalan tea leaf

-white truffle



Black fine taste:

-thanalan tea leaf

-black truffle



Twelvehood fruits:

-pixie plums

-blood currant



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Pearl Tea


This delightful tea features small, chewy "pearls" made with starch extracted from a variety of popoto. Typically mixed with fruit juice and served chilled, it is somewhat difficult to prepare.




Thanalan Tea Leaves

Pearl Ginger



"pearls" (popoto starch extracted and treated, then dried and rolled into "pearls")

Any fruit juice

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South Sea Iced Tea


A chilled black tea favored in the warm climates bordering the southern seas, this sweet beverage can bring a smile to the most unsavory sailor.


Thanalan Tea Leaves

Maple Sugar

Powdered Sugar

Sun Lemon

Galago Mint


Brew the tea leaves in a large, closed container and leave in the sun for 3-4 bells. Chill container by having Ice cast on it, then add the sugars. Stir heavily. Add sun lemon and mint for flavor as desired. Enjoy!

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Going simple!


Great King Moogles Crown


Thanalan Tea Leaves

"FRESH" Squeezed Rolanberry juice

Ground Yellow Ginseng

Add a hint of ginger


Now, make sure to shake the ingredients up well and have your local Blackmage cast Freeze to chill the drink. Carve a small crown out of a orange peel and hang it off the side. Then after all that, cut the stem off the Rolanberry and stick atop the straw, and there you have the Crown and the Pompom.



"Warning: Do not give to hyperactive Miqo'te or Lalafells."

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Lavendermile Mint

lavender, mint, chamomile


Lavender Lemon

lavender, vanilla, lemon


Harvest Moon

pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, moon nut, thanalan tea leaves, steamed milk


Faerie Apple Pie

dried faerie apple pieces, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, maple sugar, thanalan tea leaves


Thanalan Tea Latte

powdered thanalan tea leaf buds, steamed milk, honey (whisked together with a special wooden whisk)


Chocolate Masala Chai

nutmeg, black pepper, pearl ginger, cinnamon, cloves, kukuru powder, thanalan tea leaves, steamed milk, honey


I regret not coming here earlier, as a lot of the ideas that came to my head first have already been taken. You guys are too fast and too gosh darn good. ' 3')!

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This is a tea recipe that was created a few hundred cycles ago by the Onai tribe. Naturally, it uses only ingredients found within the Twelveswood, and is brewed with more than just the leaves, with the rest of the ingredients added after brewing is finished for the proper flavor. The Onai tribe mothers would pass this down with the idea that it held medicinal properties, but this has never really been proven nor questioned. It was customary to serve this tea after ceremonies honoring Menphina the Lover in the tribe. The tea has a very different and unique flavor, as it contains no Thanalan tea leaves in any form. Though it may be a slightly acquired taste due to how different it is, tea connoisseurs the world over should love it's unique, woody flavor sweetened by berries from the Twelveswood.


The recipe in detail:


Menphina's Ambrosia (or the less stuffy name used by younger members of the tribe: Sweet Berry Tea)


The ingredients you'll need:


Twelveswood maple leaves

Twelveswood yew leaves

Twelveswood spruce leaves

A freshly cut small block of maple wood

Fresh spring water

Lowland grapes

Maple sap

One Rolanberry



To prepare the tea, first fill a pot with fresh spring water to the amount of tea you wish to brew. Put the pot over a fire to begin bringing it to a boil. The leaf mixture is a delicate matter, as it contains some very strong flavors in some of the leaves. You want the bulk of the mixture to be the maple leaves, and the yew and spruce should be used in small amounts. The leaves need to be pressed and dried before hand, then mixed. Crushing the leaves is not required, but a technique used by some who prepare the tea.


Add the leaves to the boiling water, and stir until the brew is the proper color. Those experienced in preparing this tea will be able to tell when the brew is finished by taste. Note that it is a very bitter flavor at this point, but very important to get right. Too few leaves or not enough brewing will result in a weak tea that is far too sweet, too many leaves and brewing it too long will result in a very strong, bitter flavor.


After the brew is just right, while still on the fire, add the freshly cut block of maple wood. You should notice the aroma from this right away as it boils with the tea. After a few ticks longer, take the pot off the heat and set aside.


Take your maple sap and pour it into a wooden or metal bowl. Mash a few handfuls of lowland grapes and one whole Rolanberry into the bowl and mix together until you have a smooth consistency. It should still be smooth enough to pour, but if its a bit too thick, adding a little bit of water should help.


There are two variations of the last step. The old ways teach to mix the sweet berry juice into the pot and sir as it simmers on the fire, then to serve as is. The leaves in the drink keep the flavor, and were said to leave Menphina's blessing behind in the tea. Younger generations have started to strain the tea before serving, however, preferring the tea without the leaves in their cups. There is no wrong way, just which ever way you and those you serve it to prefer.

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Sharp Breath Tea


Hailing from Ishgard, this tea has long been the province of nobility due to the rarity of its ingredients. One's first sip tends to give truth to its name, as it first hits the tongue with a bitter and almost medicinal flavor, but it has a pleasant aftertaste and promotes clear thinking.


- Dried vampire plant

- Thanalan tea leaves

- Yellow ginseng

- Galago mint


Sunset Golden Tea


A favored beverage in Ul'dah, Sunset Golden is frequently offered to guests as a sign that their presence is welcome. It also has some reputation as a prelude to intimacy, which accounts for its popularity among some Ul'dahn ladies and gentlemen of the night. Care must be taken with the spices in the tea; well-brewed Sunset Golden is sweet and flavorful, but overuse of its flavoring leaves it muddled and overpowering.


- Cloves

- Honey

- Desert Saffron

- Cinnamon

- Thanalan tea leaves


Pirate's Mourning Tea


A favored drink among captains and sailors alike, Pirate's Mourning is bitterly alcoholic and slightly unpleasant at first taste, but its earthy taste is favored among those left at sea for long voyages. The name supposedly comes from a story about a captain lamenting his loss of an Ul'dahn woman, but the tea was created by a Lominsan chef who invented the story later to popularize the beverage.


- Sour red

- Thanalan tea leaves

- Majoram

- Mugwort


Marmot Delight Tea


Gridanian tastes and Ul'dahn tastes have never quite lined up, but both nations claim that they devised this warm beverage. Over time, both nations have devised their own twists on this particular drink. Ul'dahn brewers add more apple and possibly some cinnamon, while Gridanian brewers use a heavier cream and have been known to add in sugar.


- Gridanian walnuts

- Raisins

- Dried faerie apple

- Thanalan tea leaves

- Cream


Pauper's Mint


There was a time when Thanalan tea leaves were not readily available to the other nations, meaning that only the wealthy could afford proper tea. This drink uses the more plentiful landtrap as a substitute, adding a pinch of sugar and mint to offset the more cloying taste.


- Dried landtrap leaves

- Maple sugar

- Galago mint

- Sweet cream


Stable Morning Tea


Chocobo handlers have a long tradition of testing the suitability of gysahl greens by taking a bite of one leaf. The exact origin of drying a plant and using it to brew up tea is unclear, but the dried leaves make for an excellent base brew enhanced with a little flavoring.


- Dried gysahl greens

- Dried sun lemon

- Paprika

- Maple syrup

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After much reading through them over and over, all night long, I've narrowed it down to our three winners.


While I love all of the brews that came through, these three struck me as quite creative and inventive, not to mention absolutely delicious sounding.


I would like to announce as well, however, that most posted brews will be served in Ophelia's teashop! =]  The winners will be more 'signature dish' types and be some of her most popular brews.


If you didn't get a chance to post in the contest, or come up with any ideas later on, don't hesitate to drop me a PM! We can even work something out in RP, too.


And now the top three winners;


1st Place; Allgivenover - Bella's Kiss


2nd Place; Deirdre - Valentione's Love Tea


3rd Place; Endricane - Great King Moogle's Crown

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