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I suck at catchy titles!! *Offers cookies?*

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For real, titles are hard...


Anyway, yo! I've been a part of the RPC for a while, and part of FFXIV for a bit longer than that, less than a year, though. However, I've hardly used this thing!


Some might know me as Relavel, I host the Gin Mill Brawl pub, but recently I've made the decision to do something else completely and begin life anew with a new character (two actually). And that being said, I thought it would also be a good time to get out of my shell and actually make the effort to make new contacts to rp with!


Now the hard part, what the banana muffins do I put here?


I'll just give a quick thing about my duo and ya'll can ask or whatever.


Button and Bubbles are my twins, I can/do play them at the same time. However, Button is the "main" focus. She's a witty little lady with dreams of becoming a Madame (if you don't know what that is... conversation hook!!! Feel free to ask). She presently works on her own as a courtesan. (No, I don't spend all my time ERPing, thank you for asking).


On top of that, she's beginning to embark on a partnership with someone to allow her to use a couple of rooms in their building, which will help her move toward her goals!


What I'm hoping to find are people just interested in rping, hanging out, other courtesans, that sort of thing. The FC she's with is also looking to bring in new recruits (shameless plug) which you can find HERE. I co-lead this and I have hopes of, as time progresses, adding my own little social group to it, a little cluster of courtesans, so connections for these types of people will go a long way to help me reach that goal.


Now for Bubbles, she's a fun little character, quirky and has a love for treasure hunting, and by treasure, I mean finding junk and calling it a treasure. She tries to win affection by giving gifts (she will give someone a rock if she thinks it's pretty). She loves to meet new people but is also wary of them till she gets to know them a bit better.


*Edit* They're both Chaotic-neutral alignment, with Button leaning more toward the grey area and Bubbles being a little more light.


You can most often find me on Button Elakhl in-game or stalking around here. :3

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