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Voices of Garlemald - OOC / RP LS


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Voices of Garlemald is a small OOC Linkshell on Balmung for anything Garlean. Whether you're a pureblood, annexed citizen or merely someone with a deep passion for Magitek, you're welcome to join!


The linkshell was originally created as a temporary measure to connect while getting into contact with existing linkshells proved difficult and time consuming. This situation has not improved since and I've now decided to make Voices of Garlemald public to have a means for imperial/engineer roleplayers to connect.


As of now I don't intend to expand this page too much unless this linkshell really kicks off.


Chat rules ought to be self-explanatory! Have respect for your fellow players!



Auristela Tullia (UTC+1, EU timezone)

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