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Legacy Of Heroes [Mateus]

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Legacy Of Heroes is a mercenary organization working to help defeat the tides of darkness, push back against the Primal threat, and stand firm for the whole world at large. They are housed within the golden sands of Ul'dah and backed by the very Syndicate of Ul'dah, along with others willing to fill their coffers to fund their conquest.


Though in the shadows of what seems to be a noble goal, hides a  far darker plot. Members seem to be selected by an unknown means and they work with near military precious once on the field of battle. Whatever secrets they do hold, whatever their true cause is, none can deny that they are aiding against the primal threats and keeping Beast Men at bay, but at what cost will it all come at the end?



Members within the Legacy Of Heroes are not above aiding the Eorzeans and Ishgardians in their plight, they are willing to lend their swords, weapons, and military knowledge to assist in conflicts dealing with Primals, Beast Men, Dragons, and threats of Bandits and Curs. Though no member has ever been seen taking on Garlean Forces, saying that such is not worth their time.


They are willing to work with other Free Companies on missions, along with other organizations, so long as the pay is worth their blades and sometimes, they will even aid for free; No charge at all.


There is a hidden depth within the Legacy Of Heroes however. This information is confidential and we ask that if you are interested in joining, that you understand that the information shared is meta and not to be known icly, unless you are a member of the organization; As it would be connected to your character's own background. As such, the Legacy Of Heroes is more aimed at those wishing to create new characters or people who are not sure what they want to do with their current characters.


Further Free Companies or other organizations who are in the defense of military, the Grand Companies, and fighting Garlean Forces may also wish to speak with us, as we may be able to provide an interesting story tie and possible antagonists for such groups, but once more further clarification to what this is, is confidential oocly and to be understand as meta knowledge in conversations.

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How is it that you can become a member if you don't mind my asking? I'm kind of interested in the set up you have here and I'm also pretty new to rp with a character that's just kind of sitting with an open slate of sorts.


Feel free to contact me by PM on what your idea is and we can discuss it a bit. I tend to keep the hidden details of the FC, well, hidden, as there are sadly folks who will meta this information and that would ruin the experience for some of us.


It is a fine line that we tread on and we already had one group try to use ooc knowledge to kick us over. Thankfully, this was handled peacefully and things went smoothly.


But i do look forward to discussing it with you further in PMs!

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