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Searching the past, defending the present . . .

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So on advice, I put together some thoughts on T'ahlia and the general directions I see her story progressing in and see if it fits in well somewhere. She is a bit of a "Jill of all trades" though, so she could fit in lots of places, though she has an aversion to anything too shady.


T’ahlia’s mother fled the Shroud when cast out of her Keepertribe (details in wiki) and found work in Ul’dah, where T’ahlia was born. Her mother worked many hours to keep T’ahlia clothed and fed properly, which left her little time or energy for much else. The result was that T’ahlia more or less grew up in the often violent streets of Ul’dah. However, her mother did put books in T’ahlia’s hands whenever possible, and stories of distant lands inspired the young miqo’te. When her mother died, T’ahlia went looking for the adventure she had read about. 


On a personal level, T’ahlia’s background verymuch shapes the way she is today. Her mother spoke bitterly of her tribe, and T’ahlia definitely blames them for her mother’s death, yet part of her wonders what she missed out on by growing up so far from the land of her mother’s birth. As her mother rarely spoke of her father and clearly believed him to be dead, T’ahlia sometimes wonders what, if anything, she inherited from him. Keeping busy and being on the road so often is partially to keep her too occupied to think about the past, but lately it is harder and harder to avoid. She feels a void, and she has started trying to look for some way to fill it. Learning more about her mother and father, discovering if she has any surviving relatives, these are things she thinks might help, so connections that could lead to helpful information would be eagerly sought. 


On a public level, T’ahlia also is easilyenlisted into causes for the “greater good,” partially because of all those adventures she read growing up, and partially because she doesn’t want anyone else to have to grow up the way she did. She takes an especially keen interest in issues where the welfare of children is concerned.


If you have some thoughts, I would be happy to hear them. Happy hunting!

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Hey there! Got a few potential leads for spots you could try...


First off, there's Kasi, whose foremost thing is looking out for kin and trying to preserve cultural bonds. She's kind of a Miqo'te supremacist, really. She's a traveling mercenary and a few other things, so it's very easy to run into her on the road. While she definitely edges into that shady area herself, she's generally pretty easy to get along with and fairly personable to boot. 


Second, there's ShroudLife if you're looking for some wandering wilderness RP and just outside-the-cities RP in general. This one might be somewhat of a stretch, but if you're inclined to explore the outside world and want to run into people while doing that, this would be a good way to make that happen.


Third and finally, there's Hydaelyn Protectors, who are pretty much your goody-two-shoes vigilante group who go out of their way to help others and protect the weak and defenseless. 


All of these are discussed in detail via the links in my signature, but I figure at least one of them ought to be interesting enough to T'ahlia! In any case, best of luck on the hunt!

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