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Bookish Physicker Seeking Connections

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As the title says, I'm looking to make some connections for my character, L'ohba.



L'ohba is a peculiar, soft-spoken Seeker of the Sun currently training at the Warmwine Sanitorium. His traditional upbringing gives him a few unique and somewhat controversial views on the world, but he does his best to appear proper and not make waves. L'ohba is usually gentle and supportive, but has a temper inherited from his father just waiting to be set off.


As far as connections, I'm looking for almost anything. Friends, romantic interests, rivals, antagonists, patients, etc. There's not really any kind of scenes or stories I'm against playing, but I would prefer some kind of recurring or longterm connection. My only gripe is that my partners adhere closely to the lore. I'm find with some reasonable rule bending, but I'm not interested in any half-voidsent, or primals, or Allagan constructs.


I'm available during most EU and NA hours, and have plenty of free time to roleplay. If you're interested, post here, find me in-game, or message me on discord at Rain#6639



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I sent you a Discord friend request, but I think that your guy would be a great friend for one of my characters. He is a keeper that is very much looking to make friends. Feel free to message me in Discord or here, or look me up in game. Most of the time I am on Selarian Cloverbloom, but the character I think would fit is Q'Sehk Tia, so you can message me on either.

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