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A Diamond in the Rough

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Greetings and salutations, roleplayers!


I don't like to disclose my RL details much, so you can call me Shy, or Diamond...or..."the"? (I guess. Weirdo.)


Anyroad! I'll be popping in soon on the Mateus server to join and encourage the small but growing RP community there! So if you are from Mateus, I am looking forward to meeting you!


As for details...


I have been roleplaying for over a decade, I have at least dabbled on almost every MMO out there, and am in general a total nerd.


I am very social ooc, but dislike voice chatting overly much because of my social anxiety but might do from time to time.


I will be roleplaying as a female Roegadyn Hellguard named Shy Diamond.


Stop and say hello if you see me running amok! If I am OOC and you want to RP, I'm highly likely to drop all things productive like a sack of proverbial potatoes to RP instead. :P

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