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Long time overdue, Greetings!

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I feel like I've been lurking here on this server for far, far too long watching the growth and change of RP communities throughout FF14, so I'm finally leaving my shadows, though I tend to ramble and act awkwardly when introducing myself. So here goes!


  Longtime lurker and forumgoer without a name, I'm from the growing Roleplay community on Mateus and just finally getting enough nerve to step out and get involved. I'm looking forward to getting involved on the forums and the various discussions going about and just being part of the expanding communities throughout FF14 as a whole, which is honestly one of the friendliest places to get involved in such that I've seen in well over a decade personally!


  I've been roleplaying from the days of Ultima Online infrequently off and on, so I'm hoping to wipe off the years of rust and stagnation to be as motivated as I once was for this hobby of shared writing and story-making.

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