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Jet'a Vann, Blue, Vincent L., Chiara F., Dylise R., Kujh'a L., Clive S., Valeria I.


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II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    Combat is RP combat to me. The consequences of a battle will be determined with a roll after the battle ends. If a character's HP drops to 0, the character owner will be free to decide whether to die or fall unconscious. If they don't die, the wounds from the KO should be determined by a dice roll, as well as the wounds of the winner (if the winner wins in critical conditions). White magic should be able to heal any wound that didn't imply the loss of limbs (that goes for eyes too), unless the character's owner decides otherwise. Raise spell can revive from death, but I think it should leave a scar where the character was struck. I do not consider HPing revivification unless the game provides me a good lore excuse for it: as of now, I consider HPing as a non-death, where your character passed out on the spot and his aether returned to the aetheryte the character is most attuned to, or was carried in town by an unknown stranger who then left him there.
  • Views on IC romance:
    I am open to romance for characters who don't have it planned out yet. However, I am too shy to RP intimate physical contact in general in front of other people, and ERP is a no-no even in private, though I am fine with "it happened" kinds of time skips. I also prefer to save romance RP with players I've been knowing ICly and OOCly for a while, rather than strangers that could reveal some bad surprise in terms of behavior in these circumstances.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    I mainly RP my characters' family as NPCs, however I will not reject other RPers requests to somehow have family bounds to my own if they first contact me OOC and show me what they have in mind and how well it would fit my and their history background. 
  • Views on lore:
    I like to follow the game lore, but respect those who wish to blend it and make up new stuff, as sometimes, however little, I do too. However, I will not accept things that I feel to be far beyond the world we RP in, and if I'll happen to stumble on such a situation, I'll just find an IC excuse and walk away. That however doesn't mean that every time I'll walk away from you it means I'm disagreeing with your RP style. Ask me via tells OOCly if you have doubts, and I'll reply as politely as I can.
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    I prefer to keep party chat for OOC talk, to organize actions and stuff. Tells are also an OOC tool I like, however can be used to RP whispers if there were the occurrences to do so. I do not like to RP tells as telepathy tool across the lands. Linkshell can be used ICly, as well as shouts, however I'd try to use it sparely in a world with non-RPing players. Haters will hate. My main RP channel will likely be /say. I use the Tales of Hydaleyn linkshell with my friends to RP things that I do not wish to share with the public, mostly story-related IC comments, as all my characters do RP the game story as taking place around them and every other adventurer who may wish so.

III. Other Info

  • Country:Italy
  • Timezone:GMT+1/+2 depending on solar hour.
  • Contact info: my outlook mail is [email protected], but you can also PM me here or contact in game as one of said characters.

[align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]


[align=center]Story Summaries![/align]

[align=center]Jet'a Vann


Vincent Laucent

Chiara Foschiani


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Long Story (So-Far) Short:


[align=center][glow=blue]~Jet'a Vann~[/glow][/align]



(Current Age: 24)

Jet'a is the first son of a small family of hunters living in the Black Shroud. The Vann had always had a very strict interpretation of the matriarchal society common of the Keepers clan, a legend being passed down generations among its members:



Once upon a time, creatures lived and died naturally following the will and guidance of the Twelve, who would lead their souls to Heaven when their time would come. But then came the men, and with them the miscreants. They began to kill for hunt and for war, disrespecting the natural flow of life. The errant souls of their victims, still not ready to find the Heaven, were doomed to wander forever on Hydaelyn, turning into ghosts, voidkins and demons.



To come in their aid, Menphina granted her blessing to the women, them who have the role to bring forth new life. Her gift, was to give women the power to lead the souls of their victims to Heaven. From there on, the preys of a huntress would find peace, and not mourn for their flesh feeding the children.



Because of that, Jet'a, as his father and uncle, was not allowed to learn how to fight. And that is why he could do nothing to help when, at his sixth winter, a band of rogues seeking to claim his family's territory besieged their camp, taking advantage of Jet'a's mother being pregnant and unable to fight. The few huntresses left couldn't be enough to push back the Duskwights, who claimed their land and sold them all to a slavemaster.



Jet'a's family was sold to a rich noble of Ul'dah, who held them captive for many years. However at one point, rumors of the moon beginning to fall started to spread, and some of the slaves began to plan an escape to run away from the incoming apocalypse. Too weakened by the slavery and harsh birthgiving, Jet'a's mother entrusts her daughter to Jet'a, and orders him to escape with her. Jet'a, now twelve, attempts to leave the mansion with his seven-years-old sister. However, the plan fails, and Jet'a falls off the wall without his sister, who is captured back.


Jet'a spends a few weeks living in the streets, starving to death, but refusing to leave the city knowing that his mission, his Matriarch and mother's order, was not completed. He is picked up by a gentle apothecary, who raises him as an assistant with fatherly love. Discovering his talent for alchemy, Jet'a sets his mind on a new goal: to become an important alchemist and make enough money to buy as many of his relatives back.


He becomes an adept to the Frondale's Phrontistery (alchemist guild), putting all his soul, sweat and blood in his studies, and quickly climbs up his career, making himself a reputation and beginning to save high amounts of gil. However, he won't make it in time...


Dalamud at last falls, and though Ul'dah is mostly spared by Bahamut's devastation, this is not the fate for the quarters where Jet'a's family is being kept. Jet'a rushes to the place, only to find it in ashes. Devastated, he finds himself with no reason to live anymore.


He is eventually found by a mysterious figure, the Gardener, a strange red-haired woman with the weird habit to talk with and of plants as if they were actual people. She says she has been looking for him everywhere, because Hope, a white flower that almost never blooms, has grown in her garden and told her that Jet'a needed it. She gives him the flower, and despite Jet'a's reluctance, manages to make him promise not to take his own life away until the flower has completely withered. Jet'a finds himself forced to accept, as he was taught to treat all women with devout superiority, and to obey to any order they may give.


Some time later, what the flower of Hope had symbolically predicted came to Jet'a. A Roegadyn mercenary, Still Nightshade, captures him. As she ties him to her chocobo and starts to take him away, she very bluntly tells him of how she was hired by no one other than Jet'a's former slavemaster, Stringer. Amused, she tells him she had even seen his sister at Stringer's side.


This shocks Jet'a, and awakened by new willpower, he begins to pray and beg the woman to change side. He eventually convinces her, offering her a stable salary thanks to all the richness he had accumulated as an alchemist in those years. A mercenary can hardly count on a stable income, especially at this time of crisis. Still Nightshade, this the mercenary's name, accepts to work for Jet'a and to try help him save his sister.


To help the woman fight, Jet'a decides to break the boundaries with his clan and disrespect the rules for males to not kill anybody. He is no fighter, but his good intellect and dedication to the study quickly leads him to the Ossuary, where the Thaumaturges accept him among their ranks, allowing him to read their books and master control on the powers of the void and black magic.


Since then, the two have been traveling together, looking for Stringer, who in the meantime has learned of the mercenary's betrayal, and is on the loose around Eorzea, along with Jet'a's long lost sister....

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I had the pleasure of RPing (very briefly) with Blue and was interested in the character. Too bad Pyra was drunk and just finished brawling with Arky (his headbutt literally 90ked me). I hope Blue and Pyra cross paths again :D


Heh yeah, glad she could help though! Blue will be staying around Gridania for a while still, though I don't RP on her often when Blade is offline (she really can't be safe anywhere without him, she has the mind of a baby), but if I do, she'd likely be at the Carline Canopy; her favorite spot was the Acorn Orchard, but with dancing quest there now it's a little too OOCly busy, so I decided to move near the tavern for the time. I am more commonly around on Jet'a.

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Long Story (So-Far) Short:





(Current Age: 20)

A few months since his arrive in the Seventh Umbral Era, Blade Belisaire, homeless and devastated by the loss of everything he had known of his life up to that moment, decides to go fish up his dinner in the sea waters close to Hidden Falls.


However the Twelve seem to have yet many surprises scheduled for the young Hyur. What he finds in the shallow beach waters is not fish, but the corpse of a Miqo'te girl, covered with filthy and consumed hempen clothes. The girl appears to be dead, at least until, while Blade is still considering of what to do of her body or who to call to see it disposed, her eyes suddenly snap open, and she weakly sits up, looking around with a face that displays absolutely no emotion.



The girl won't answer any of Blade's questions, nor talk at all, for that matter. She stares off in the horizon, or looks around to her surroundings, or observes with child-like curiosity her own clothes and tail, almost ignoring the man's presence. When she finally looks at him, her behavior is rather awkward: the first thing she does is check under the man's cowl for his own tail. Flustered, Blade pushes her away, and begins to walk away, decided to not cause himself any more troubles than he already has.


He however is quickly filled with guilt in seeing how the girl doesn't even have the energy to stand on her own feet. Dejectedly, he helps her, carrying her near a fire, and promising to help her find someone to take care of him the next day.


However, Blade will not find anyone who has met the washed-up girl in Costa del Sol. Frustrated, he gives up, and tries to convince her to find the help of some other, more reliable adventurer. However the girl, now in her full energies, seems to just refuse to abandon the man's side. Blade attempts to run away from her for many hours, walking many malms, challenging her endurance, but the Miqo'te's determination seems to be stronger than her own body. She eventually passes out on the road while still following him, under the rain. Moved by her relentless willpower, Blade summons his goobue and commands it to take him and the girl at the abandoned house Blade has been living in since his awakening in the Seventh Umbral Era: the Hermit's Hovel.




The day after, very surprisingly and randomly, the girl finally begins to speak, with a voice just as quiet and soulless as her blank face. It's like she can't display any emotion, nor know what an emotion is. To Blade's skeptical questions, she replies that she remembers nothing before the moment she woke up on the beach with him.


Not only she doesn't remember anything; the girl's amnesia seems beyond the forgetting of mere personal information. She doesn't seem to know anything at all. Many words escape her, many objects look new and unknown to her eyes. Blade's attempts to help the girl make herself useful around the how and grow independent so that she may leave him are fruitless and often end up with awkward, if not outright disgusting results. Such as when Blue seemed to have made a boiled salad of greens for him, but had actually simply picked up the moss the Goobbue had lost in the nearby hotsprings during its bath and collected them in a bowl.


During one of their trips to find fish to eat, the two meet Eva, an old acquaintance of Blade, who explains him that he is not the only one to have survived Cartenau and found himself sent forward in time. Pondering on this happenings, Blade decides that it is time that he returns to civilization, and to do that he must bring the girl along. In such a crowded place, she will need a name for him to call when she gets in trouble. Lazy and lacking any deeper inspiration, he calls her Blue, such as the color of her hair and eyes.


As usual, Blue displays absolutely no reaction upon being bestowed of a name, but something inside her tells her what she feels may be happiness.




Limsa Lominsa welcomes the two with a grand list of events and troubles, the latter mostly triggered by Blue's total clueless approach to the city life. Seeking a way to get some income, Blade takes Blue to Baderon, and signs her as an adventurer of Limsa Lominsa, like himself. The two men roughly explain of adventurers to Blue, and the girl, as always, takes the instructions to heart: 


Adventurers help.


She makes helping others her mission, making no distinction of race, gender, trade or anything (she is still struggling to understand the concept of "difference"), helping people, as well as monsters, criminals and even objects. She balances her total inability to express her own feelings with an exaggerated perception (and sometimes, imagination) of others' emotions, including artificial minions and non-animated things like books.


When questioned about her drive, she'll admit she's not sure helping is what she likes. She is unable to understand what she feels about people and things, as that is not something others can describe to her. However, she'll do it simply because she is an adventurer, and helping is what adventurers do.



Her time with Blade lead Blue to learn of many things and aspects of the world, but her journey has just begun: finally, the flow of events has granted the two a couple of airship passes, and Blade decides to leave Vylbrand, wishing to find clues about his long lost family and, maybe, the real identity of this strange Miqo'te that will just not leave him alone.



With her arrive in Gridania, the experiences for Blue seem to multiply. Even though the forest seems to not bring back any memory to her, she explores her surroundings with great fortitude. In his much more peaceful city, so different from the bustling ports of Limsa Lominsa, Blue has already met a wide plethora of many different characters, some of which have left a great impact on her with their words and nature, and she doesn't hesitate to call them friends when she meets them again, despite what Blade may think of them.


X'elo Maimhov, a Miqo'te bard who claims to have once been a legend among his trade. He blames Blade for the loss of his fame, and the two never hesitate to burst into bickering exchanges. However, he is ever gallant to Blue, sometimes in a way that confuses her. She is always open to him, as she is to everyone, and enjoys what she can learn from the man's tales of his many adventures around Eorzea and beyond.


Kara and Clive. These are two Ul'dahns that Blue had previously met during festivals in Limsa Lominsa, and who have assisted Valeria with her and Blade during the investigation on Lightning's appearance in Eorzea issued to them and other adventurers by the Maelstrom. Blue has been trying really hard to get close with these two, and maybe she overdid it, to a point that the two seem outright creeped out by her "soulless gaze" (that's how they called it), and prefer to keep a distance or avoid eye contact with her. While Clive seems outright willing to ignore Blue and pretend she isn't near, Kara, the young teenager who travels with him, has at least acknowledged Blue's existence, and awkwardly attempts to exchange conversation with her.


Vincent Laucent; this Wildwood conjurer seems to be around Blue's age, or maybe younger, but his behavior is actually very mature and collected. When the arrival of Doctor Shantotto shook Gridania's tranquility, the young boy saw the mighty Tarutaru's golem tamed with Blue and Blade's help. That episode gave Vincent a chance to witness Blue's skills with healing arcanima, and that captured his interest. In exchange of one of her grimoires to study the science of arcanima himself, Vincent has offered Blue to introduce her to the guildmaster of Stillglade Fane, where Vincent also studies conjury. Blue has accepted the trade, and has since been practicing her talent for conjury under Vincent's patient watch.


Valeria Idavoll. This Maelstrom unit was first issued by Merlwyb to accompany the two on their journey to protect the blue crystal thw two had found in La Noscea. After abandoning the mission because of Blade's uncooperative demeanor, she has now returned under the pressure of her commandant. This Highlander lady treats Blue much like a pet, due to the Miqo'te's very simple mind. This thickens Blade to no end, but actually doesn't bother Blue, mostly because she is still unable to perceive the difference between herself and pets.


There were also many other people that Blue has had only very scarce moments with, such as the cryptic Marsh Mallow, or Pyralis and Ser Erik, that the girl met at the Carline Canopy; not to mention the mysterious duskwight she and Blue have met twice around the Black Shroud. What encounters await Blue next?

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Long Story (So-Far) Short:


[align=center][glow=blue]~Vincent Laucent~[/glow][/align]



(Current Age: 18)

Second son of a mid-high class Ishgardian family. His father was a Knight of Ishgard, but when a wound forced him to retire from the military duty, he became a chocobo merchant and moved their house in Coerthas. This drastic change made the man obsessed with raising his sons to be high ranked knights in his stead, but Vincent's allergy to the birds' feathers, along with his hopeless gentleness and general ineptitude with weapons, made it clear to him that the Fury had no plan to have his second son serve her as a stalwart guardian of Ishgard.


Since then, Vincent was mostly put under the care of their mother, a strict but gentle scholar, who raised him to become a dignitary that would bring honor and pride to the Laucent's good name. Typically troubling himself for his incapacity to satisfy his father's expectations, Vincent always took his studies with the greatest seriousness and dedication, often putting aside every pleasure of his childhood to spend more time reading books and learning everything he could.


His inferiority complex in regards of his father was also not helped by his brother's attitude. Tatreaubient, nine years older than Vincent, has great skills and mind for spearmanship and battle, and is an outstanding chocobo rider. However, he always showed restraint and lack of interest in becoming the first head of the family, to the point of always dodging or escaping every attempt from both of his parents to get him properly engaged with several of the fair, high-classed ladies of Ishgard that offered their interest. Vincent has deep respect and admiration for his brother, loving him dearly, but he is also forced to constantly seeing him and their father argue because of Tatreaubient's resistance to the family decisions. Vincent's efforts to get the two to pacify always end poorly for him, with his father scolding him for not being able to keep up with his brother's progress as a fighter on a side, and Tatreaubient chiding of how Vincent never seems to manage to grow a spine and choose with his own head instead of blindly complying to everything their father demands.


The ultimate break up comes with the war. The Empire's strike in Eorzea came to its fullest, and every nation did its best to defend its people from their grasp; except Ishgard. When Garlemald finally begins its assaults in the lands of Coerthas, the gates of the Holy See remain closed and silent, as if Ishgard itself refused to face that reality, pretending the Garlean threat didn't exist. This seems to infuriate Tatreaubient, who finally makes good on his threats to abandon the family house and leaves to become an adventurer. This will be the last time Vincent sees his older brother.


The Calamity fell upon Eorzea, wiping out part of the Shroud, and covering Coerthas in perennial snow. The small town Vincent's family lived in was destroyed, and although most of the Laucent died on the impact with Bahamut's fury, Vincent and his parents managed to first escape and get refuged in one of the nearby bastions. Vincent's father is badly injured, and on his death bed he has a talk with his son, officially bestowing him with the title of head of the family.


After the loss of his father, Vincent's mother gets sick with mourn and psychological breakdown. She lives, but turns to become bedridden in a very short time. Vincent does his best to assist her and also help out the rest of the refugees, having many troubles initially, finding all his knowledge as a to-be politician pointless in the chaos that followed the Calamity.


His efforts to track down his brother in an attempt to heal his mother are for naught, and so Vincent travels to Gridania, seeking the help of the Seedseer. There, he get acquainted with the Conjurers of Stillglade Fane, and quickly accepts to become an adept. He takes control of conjury in a very short time, mostly thanks to restless study and tiring dedication rather than talent, and with it, he manages to help the refugees of Coerthas, eventually managing to bring his situation to a stable point and find a new home for his mother in Gridania.




It's been almost six years since the Calamity now, and Vincent has grown into a premature, but prepared Conjurer of Stillglade Fane. While he still claim to not have given up on the possibilities to find his brother alive, inside something has begun to falter in his faith. He dedicates less time searching for signs of Tatreaubient's passage, and more on assisting the people in need, with particular care for the new adventurers that enter Gridania, often targeted by the townsfolk with distrust and suspicion. Vincent does his best to fulfill his father's last wish, that he'd do as his heart tells him to, but even so, taking decisions alone is still a struggle to him, and he prefers to let his hand be led by the wisdom of the Elementals.


Among the adventurers he meets Sigberta, an Highlander girl only slightly older than him, seeking information about her gone father from the Order of the Twin Adder. Unfortunately, it seems the Grand Company has dire news for her, as her father passed away in the war. This moves Vincent, and induces him into taking the girl under his wing. The two spend a good deal of time together, mostly with Vincent helping the girl defeat the general distrust of Gridanians, and offering comfort and advice whenever she'd need it. From time to time, he'd also open up to her, revealing bits about himself here and there.


Another adventurer Vincent shares some interest for is Blue, an amnesic Miqo'te arrived to Gridania while following a Hyur man, Blade Belisaire. The two actually both cause Vincent some curiosity, and worry to some degree. Blue has an extraordinary talent for conjury, especially given her absolute lack of any study in the arts prior knowing him. Could she be a fallen conjurer, cursed with woodsin and amnesia by the Elementals for betraying their will? And Blade: he seems to have known Vincent's brother, though Vincent himself didn't dare to inquire about it, perhaps afraid to hear for the worst.


About simultaneously to these events though, Vincent overhears of strange events taking place throughout Eorzea. Someone seems to be out to get Ishgardians who have left home for a reason or another. He decides to inquire on the subject, mostly fueled by the wish to finally hear of his brother more than anything, as Tatreaubient, more than Vincent himself, may have become one of the assassin's targets. His search around Gridania brings him to meet Kith Jakkya, and with her the other exiled of Ishgard. Vincent's life will never be the same after this encounter...




The long battle against the assassins hunting the Exiles has finally ended, leaving Vincent with more spiritual wounds than physical. Still waiting for the interrogation of the final prisoner among the Faces of Mercy, Vincent learns that a masked man who had saved him on the battlefield claims his brother's name. Driven with confusion and anger, he returns to Coerthas to hunt the man down, and is at last found by the very same individual. After a much confusing and violent exchange, the man at last removes his mask, showing himself to Vincent as the spitting image of his gone brother, but with little to no sign of aging. How is this possible?


Vincent accuses Tatreaubient, questioning his absence for all these years; the older attempts to explain, though he as well seems to bear little to no understanding of what transpired exactly during the Calamity. He says that he remembers nothing between Bahamut's strike and the moment he awakened in the frozen Coerthas, as though those six cycles hadn't existed for him. He claims to believe to have been given a second chance by the Twelve themselves, brought back to life to stop the threat of the Lambs of Dalamud before they bring forth yet another Calamity. Vincent tries to convince him that that is not the case, and that Tatreaubient needs to return home with him, to see their mother, and possibly let the conjurers tend to him and help him recover from his... unstable conditions. But his older brother refuses, and after asking him about their father's death, he disappears once again in the merciless blizzard of Whitebrim.

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Long Story (So-Far) Short:


[align=center][glow=blue]~Chiara Foschiani~[/glow][/align]



(Current Age: 34)


Chiara Foschiani is an aristocratic woman of the high society in Ul'dah, as well as the ex-wife of one of the most renown goldsmiths in Eorzea. The disappearance of her older daughter Sarah soon before the Calamity caused a fight between her and her husband's family, ultimately leading to divorce when he decided to leave Eorzea to escape Dalamud. Since then, she has spent all her wealth and time to train as a gladiator in the hope to fight back to find her daughter, who she believes to be still alive. A good fighter and swordmanship specialist, Chiara is an invaluable asset on the battlefield and serves as a stalwart guardian to whoever is willing to follow her on her quest.


She's currently living alone with her younger daughter Jayle, and Moser, loyal butler and counselor.


~~~~ About her personality:


Chiara is a quiet, collected woman, with a serious but courteous demeanor. She's viewed by her peers as the model of a perfect soldier; strictly disciplined and extremely rational, she rarely relaxes when on the job and is usually tasked with keeping her comrades on track. Though from the outside she might seem strict, rigid, and even a little mean, Chiara is not as cold and distant as she may appear. Those close to her know that there is more to her than her no-nonsense attitude; beneath her professional aura is a kind soul who understands the difficulty of carrying a heavy burden.


Chiara's softer side tends to make itself known through her interactions with younger characters, and it isn't unusual to see her behaving sweetly toward her little minion airship , while in private. Very disciplined, Chiara takes her work seriously and is almost never seen “dropping formalities,” even with those who are most intimate to her. She’s not prone to public displays of affection, preferring to show her feelings through more subtle ways. She seems the personification of "tough love," demanding excellence from those she respects or considers important. Her interactions with the mini-airship can be seen as a metaphor for all of her significant personal relationships—a stern hand and demanding nature tempered with genuine and deep affection.


Reticent, she doesn't speak unnecessarily or express her feelings often through words, but reveals her most of her thoughts through nonverbal communication, with trademark sharp looks and rare, subtle smiles.


Her character shows a mix between a tortured woman looking for redemption she feels is unreachable, and a resigned acceptance of past mistakes and their consequences. Chiara learns from the Calamity to accept responsibilities for her actions herself, rather than placing blame or burden on another. She decides she must sacrifice her own happiness and comfort and continue to dirty her hands with blood as a gladiator in order to bring back her daughter. Despite the emotional difficulties in facing her mistakes, she learns to school herself and her emotions as personal struggles, brushing off the concern of others, always bearing grief or physical pain with a stiff upper lip.

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