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No Strings Attached


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[align=center]No Strings Attached[/align]




No Strings Attached

, is a theme-less FC that exists solely to help people get access to housing, in the shape of FC rooms. 


This is for you who: 


  • Missed out on the opportunity to buy an apartment. 
  • Needs additional space for your RP, but struggle in Balmung's tight housing market. 
  • Are more of a solo player, who does not depend on an FC to structure RP or
  • Has an alt that can be placed in the FC to hold the room on. 

The requirements to purchase a room is to be minimum level 50, and you need to have all of your grand company quests completed. It doesn't matter which grand company you are in. Additionally, FC rooms cost 300.000 gil. 


The FC will not offer or guarantee:

  • Regular activity.
  • Events & Storylines.
  • Things that other regular FC's provide. This is not a regular FC.



When you join the FC, you have two choices for reasoning the existence of your room:


- You can note that the room exists elsewhere. In an apartment building, that it's actually a house in the woods, under the stairs in a muggle house.. It's entirely up to you. In this case you'll be placed on the rank "OOC". 




- Make use of the house's setting: 

[align=left]It is designed as a regular old inn, called The Ol' Dusty. It is run/owned by (NPC) Maxwell Brokenblade, who after retiring from a life in the mercenary trade has decided to settle down and make a living off of running an inn. It features a small cozy bar in the basement, and is of a standard quality - not too cheap and not too expensive. In this case you'll be placed on the rank "IC".


The house is located in The Goblet, Ward 4, plot number 16.[/align]


You can stay in the FC for as long or little as you'd like. You wont be kicked for inactivity. There's no limits on what kind of RP you can do there. You can even hold events in the house if you feel like it. The only requirement is that you act with common sense and common decency in mind. Try to leave OOC drama at the door, and respect other people's RP.  


If this sounds like something you'd like, drop a message in this thread or send me a PM. You can also send a tell to Maril Hawker, Thala'to Relahna or Akhutai Khatayin. Then we can sort out an invitation. Have fun!

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