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A Tentative Hello....

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So, first off. I am relatively new to sharing my RP's with other people. I have had a fair few bad experiences with people on the internet and in game. So I am a little hesitant, but since this community seems to be relatively nice and friendly I have decided to take a bit of a leap of faith to try and make myself feel a little better. 


( :frustrated: dammit now I sound needy )


I have been RP'ing for a long time on a lot of different games, from MMO's like SWTOR and FF14 to single player games such as Skyrim and Baldur's Gate. So, I am not new to the whole "writing" of RP's just the sharing of them.


My main server is Balmung, and while I have done some in-game RP it has only really been with my IRL friend who, to be honest, doesn't seem to care about RP's the same way I do. So I am reaching out to other people through this site, and am looking for people to give me some tips for creating wiki pages and such for my characters and also a serious but casual RP linkshell to join. I would really REALLY like a network of people on this game that have the same interests I do.


(also, by casual I mean not obsessed with game progression. I have almost no interest in raiding due to aforementioned bad experiences.)


My RP is an account wide one. All 8 of my characters on Balmung are connect through a single story thread, but they each have their own stories. 


If anyone knows of a linkshell that is casual but for more serious RP's please let me know, and if anyone can offer any advice for getting started on this site and the associated wiki I would be grateful. 


Thank you to the people who have taken the time to read my whole (slightly needy-sounding) post.



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Welcome to the rpc! You are right in that this community is very open and nice from my experiences!


I suggest, when you're ready, to make a post in the making connections forum, it'll help narrow down what you want/who you want rp with. As for RP LS's you might try Deahfel's Hydaelyn protectors I think the name is.

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Hey! Welcome. I wish I could just throw you a linkshell right off the bat, but most of the linkshells I'm in are for my FC, or are for specific groups or story arcs.


I would suggest checking out our LS and FC halls, that's where I looked when I just started off on this site. Also, browsing the connections board and sending a PM to your favorite thread posters might get you some replies for chances at RP.


Other than that, welcome to RPC, and if you need help with anything or have any interest in RPing with me let me know. Here's my connections thread: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=15748


Also! It might not be a bad idea to create your own connections thread, so you could get responses from people as well.

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If you're not very confident in your roleplay concepts, maybe take them to Character Workshop and just ask if there's anything you can improve and they'll give you constructive criticism and feedback. We're all pretty nice here.


Also... I'd just put in a short description of the characters you want to RP on. And just tell people what you're looking for really. That's it.

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I'm confident in them, in that I have put a lot of time and effort into writing them and am happy with where they are right now. (Half of them are almost too long). I just have confidence issues in whether anyone else will like them :P. Most of my anxiety about doing this comes from what other people will think.

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Welcome aboard!


I'm afraid I'm not sure what your specific tastes are, so rather than point you in the direction of a specific group, I'll just point out a few good places in the forum to get started finding one.


As Arietty mentioned, the making connections section I'd great for finding individuals to jumpstart your web of rp connections. Give it a gander and look at what some other people are doing.


Another thing you might want to check out along the way is the RPC wiki. A lot of people use it as a center for all information on their character for both themselves and other people to reference. You can see those in a lot of people's signatures. Making eight might be a bit of a herculean effort, but one for a main character or two might not be a bad idea.


As far as linkshells, most of the community here is pretty "serious" about rp, though everyone has their own definition of the word, so most of the linkshells you find in the Linkshell Hall (another section of the forum that basically lists all the active linkshells in the community) should largely check that box. Beyond that, there's a whole wealth of variety to choose from, with some linkshells being in-character, while others are ooc-only. There's also a whole gamut of different themes to them. The aforementioned Hydaelyn's Protectors, for example, are a bunch of vigilante do-gooders. There's a similar section for free companies, as well, if you're ever in the market.


If you're looking for some lore help, there are also the lore discussion and character workshop sections. Building a plot with eight interweaving charactees sounds pretty complex, so I imagine you'll need to lean on our resident lore-wizards' expertise at some point or another. Don't hesitate to make a thread in one of those places if any questions arise.


I think that covers most of the basics of what the forum has to offer, but send me a pm if you get further questions. Hope that helped!

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Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


Considering you're a bit tepid about getting deep into the community right off the bat, I'll echo the sentiment already shared: toss up a Making Connections post here on the RPC and focus on a single character starting off. With Making Connections, you can find targeted links to other characters which will give you one-on-one RP with other players and allow you to form stronger bonds in a way that PUG RP in Ul'dah won't be able to accomplish as easily. The trick with Making Connections, though, is to have an idea of what type of characters you want to target and with what character. So, for example, if you have a tribal Miqo'te, you could try looking for other tribals. If your character is a mercenary, try looking for other mercenaries. Stuff like that!


Regardless, best of luck!

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As an addendum since I've just caught up with the conversation: if your characters are already written out and ready to go, then I'd doubly recommend the wiki. All you'll have to deal with is the formatting, which is only a third of the battle.


As for the connections threads, look at a few examples in there. The basics you want are a rough overview of the character and a few potential plot hooks, as well as maybe a little about what you're looking for out of people OOCly.

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Thank you everyone for the help and advice. :thumbsup:


I know that 8 characters does sound like a lot. But I have been writing RP's for ages now :blush:. I have a lot because I basically had to let my imagination give life to said characters. That being said I have 3 that I really "main" that is that I spend the most time on, and 1 "Prime" character that holds the entire thing together. 


So maybe I should write some wiki pages for those 3? Then put them in the connections thread with things I am looking for? 


(also no worries about formatting. I am a computer science student IRL so I can write HTML pretty well if it uses that.)

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Hello and welcome to the RPC and Balmung! I am very sorry to hear that you had some negative experiences RPing with other balmung folks. Not everyone's RP styles are meant to go together and that is OK. I would definitely echo what the others have offered and put up a making connections post and be as honest and as you can about what YOU are looking for so you can get back to enjoying it. The RP community here really is wonderful and once you make those great connections it makes you forget about the rest.


I was pretty nervous to jump into RP when I first started as well as I am not the best writer. Find people to RP with that you are comfortable sharing RP with and you shouldn't have any issues.


If you are still nervous you are more than welcome to send me a tell/message if you have any questions or want to RP in a non-judgmental environment. I can also point you in the direction of some events to check out if you just want to spectate for a while as well.


Hope to see you around!

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Hiiii! Welcome to Balmung and the RPC! 


I would not worry too much about in-depth wikis or connection threads, though they are not bad if you're excited to do them yourself!  Just don't feel like they are required.  I do like a basic wiki thread for sharing character information that there is no other way to easily gleam, but often forget to check!


The best thing you can do is just get in there and RP and try to have a good time :)

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Finally managed to write up the first character page, my internet had a bit of trouble with something in the template but WHOOOOO! ITS FINALLY DONE! (sry for caps but I am excited) 


Thank you all for the welcoming words, it means a lot to see some encouragement. I hope at least a couple of people find this first character interesting enough to want to talk to. I am off to the connections thread now with the wiki page in tow!

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