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Back again

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Hello, it's me again.


It's been years since I last played here and there were moments where I resubscribed only to not touch the game at all. I apologize for the sudden disappearance...


I plan to play again over Spring break but I've only logged in moments before I send this post. Which means I'll already be looking to get on more often.


Hope to see you all again soon!



P.S. Could I get a reinvite to that linkshell that kinda was, umm.... I honestly don't remember the name and what it was all about but I hope someone who remembers me from that LS knows what I'm talking about!

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Heeeey~ Welcome back to Eorzea and the RPC! Make sure to enjoy your stay while you're here!


Hey there and welcome back! :thumbsup:


Thanks you two! 


Welcome back . . . always nice to see people like me who are returning.


Thanks! And yeah, I can't forget this game VwV


I remember the name! Welcome back :)


Thanks! And hey, I remember you too =) Hope to see you again!


Very attractive (and sexy) avatar picture by the way >/w/<

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