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Broken Blades <<Blade>>


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[align=center]*Posted about the various city states, and on bounty boards*

"Do you seek, Adventure, throughout new and prosperous lands?, Do you seek Treasure, travelling into deep, dangerous, and dank pits for treasure long thought lost to the ancients?, Do you seek to hunt great beasts, for the glory and honour of having bested said beast, or do you merely wish to work on an Airship?, The Broken Blade Mercenary and Adventuring Troupe may just be the group for you"[/align]


[align=center]OOC info[/align]


[align=center]Broken Blades is a somewhat new Free Company of Monster Hunters, Treasure Hunters, General Adventurers, and the usual cast of clerks and desk jockeys to keep the place running. We are mostly based around combat/open world RP, with the occasional tavern night peppered in every week.[/align]


[align=center]Now as it stands we do not discriminate against certain timezones, though we do require a certain level of maturity (18+ so to speak, though exceptions can be made)[/align]


[align=center]additional requirements in fufiling membership goals go as follows[/align]




  • Patience: We all lead out busy lives, some of our officers and members are third shift workers/ on the otherside of the planet
  • Respect: Everyone comes from a different background, please respect this, failure to do so will result in consequences
  • Maturity: As stated earlier, this is an 18+ free company, if you can't act like an adult, you will be treated as such.



[align=center] Currently Recruiting[/align]


  • Healers, both magical and practical
  • Artisans, notably airship engineers and blacksmiths
  • General Adventurers
  • Beast Tamers
  • Tavern Staff


if you are interested, message Nataru Hirano, Valirelia Hirano or Just send us an app on our website

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