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New to Balmung: A lost Xaela!


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Hello and Good...Evening?!


Final Fantasy is pretty much my only MMO...unless you count the week I spent trying to get into Guild Wars. I don't really count it, so XIV is it for me! I do, however, have RP experience - just not RP in the game setting. I'm very excited to give it a shot! I found this place here by googling, to be honest. I'm glad that such a website exists!


Character-wise, I've already created a character - Enkhtuya Kha - a male Xaela, taking the last name from the lorebook to suggest he actively seeks out other clans and peoples. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with him, though. I kind of see him as a bit lost and confused, maybe having found his way to the cities by a series of accidents, or by following people who seemed interesting enough. Are there any threads here to get some ideas for the Xaela Au'Ra? Or anyone who has a need for a hardworking creature? I'm not entirely married on the archer/bard bit for him, either. I could play any of the classes, if there's a niche someone needs filling!


I'll probably be on the medium side of the RP scale, in that between work and my main, I'll probably only be on a few nights a week...but I can forum/email/discord RP at any point too! I'll have to test the waters to see how far this takes me.


Real-life me lives in Toronto, with a black cat, and really wants someone to go to Snakes and Lattes with, even just once.

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Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC and to RP in 14! :thumbsup:


There's a whole lot of niches out in the general community, so you really have the lion's pick. There's stuff from clans to merchant guilds, knowledge seekers, treasure hunters- yes, even antagonist groups like the mob. It helps if you have a particular direction that interests you the most! From there, you can create a Making Connections post and start networking with other people pretty rapidly. All in all, you've got a lot to look forward to!

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