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Airdopped into Balmung (transfer >_> )


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So Hi!!! Again


             So after struggling with the right time window to make a character on Balmung and misssing every chance cause i like this shade of green for the eyes over the other one and...no it done let it go let it go... ANYWAYS i paid for transfer into Balmung and for the first few moments of i was a bit excited to see the chat window with actual people not the npc dialog!! I like popular Servers. So thought id do my introduction again, sorry. 


So Hi! 

       Character's Name is Aluria Areia something of a healer of sorts not the best or the brightest, tends to day dream and sometimes sleep walks. She is a fiercely devoted friend and Ally, has gotten her self injured using the last bit of her power to save someone that was under attack. Though she looks frail and not much of a threat she was taught to fight by her mother who was a caravan guard, when the spells wont do a good swift right hand to the throat will do in a pinch. Not violent in nature she tends to be reserved and hide her self, but give her a glass or two of wine and her filter is gone. Her own goal as of the moment is to find out what happen with her parents and her orphaned little brother. 


(and thats about all i got so far, still fleshing it out and giving more detail but yea thats her in a nutshell, but as for me the person that does the movements with a mouse and keyboard i consider my self okay to good in terms of role-playing, no not the other stuff thats 18+ actual role-play that had lasted into 3 months. Granted that i am coming into this server as a newbie and not knowing much of the lore, which i will read over in time, but im excited to play and join from what ive seen so far on the server a good role-playing community. so cheers \\// ^_^ )

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Hey there and welcome aboard to Balmung officially! :thumbsup:


You'll want to toss up a Making Connections post at here some point, once you have a fairly decent handle on where you want to shoot for with Aluria. There's a whole lot of niches out there, everything from treasure hunters to researchers, clans and even the mob, depending on what interests you the most!

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Hello and welcome to the RPC and Balmung! I am glad to hear you finally made the transfer and decided to join in the RP madness haha. It sounds like you have a solid character concept to start with and it sounds like its time to build up your RP network and further flesh out your characters finer details. Like Kasi said you could throw up a making connections post, you could put together a wiki to share a bit more about what your character is like and that can help you fill in some spots you hadn't thought about, or you could jump in to some events on the Balmung RP event calendar.


If you are interested it sounds like your character would be a good fit for RPing with Deahfel and I would love to have them run into each other. So feel free to shoot me a tell or message if you want to meet up or have any questions.


Hope to see you around!

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