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RolePlayer new to Balmung and FF RP in general!


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So first off I'd like to say hello to everyone on the board!  Secondly, I'd like to apologize for the massive wall of text this post is likely going to turn into.


After browsing the forums for a while I came across an 'incredibly complete character planning sheet' that someone else had linked, and I've been taking the time to fill it out to the best of my ability.  This is my first attempt at such an undertaking, as I've never before put any real thought or effort into providing my character much of a story.  That said, I'm finding it an extremely eye-opening and enlightening experience thinking of all the ways my character would react to a situation.


Any feedback people may have regarding the character is wholly appreciated as, like I stated above, this will be my first ever attempt at such.


So, without further ado.. let me introduce you to.. Ehri'a Zhwari.  Male Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon.






Character name: Ehri'a Zhwari

Nickname: The Crescent Moon (Coliseum name), Ehri

Origin of Nickname: All Gladiators in the Coliseum take a stage name.  The other is just a simple shortening of his name.

Birthdate: 30th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon (October 29th.)

Place of Birth: The Black Shroud (Small village near Bentbranch.)

Ethnicity: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon

Religion: The Twelve, not devout.



Weight: 148 ponze

Body type: Fit, well toned from regular bladework practice.

Eye color: Violet

Glasses or Vision Enhancements: None, has excellent vision, albeit noticeably sensitive to bright light.

Prominent features: Multiple scars marring his face.  One below the left eye running across his cheekbone.  A jagged scar over his right eye running top to bottom above and below it.  Vision is still intact.  And one across the bridge of his nose he got as a child.

Tattoos or distinguishing marks: Aforementioned scars.

General health: Healthy, fit from fairly regular training.

Disabilities, illnesses, or weaknesses: None.


Fashion and style (what do they wear, how do they wear it?): Attempts very strongly to remain in fashion.  Expends an almost inordinate amount of gil on clothing. Can generally be seen wearing a pair of baggy pants in a wide array of colors, as well as decorated tunics, usually with sashes or straps and buckles. Almost always seen with a visored turban to keep his face mostly covered.

Special jewelry: Blue and gold earring.  Various rings, though none are particularly noteworthy.

Hair color:  A dark shade of blue.

Hairstyle:  Medium length spiked hair.

Grooming: Generally well kept, though he can appear somewhat disheveled at times.  He tries to maintain his appearance, but he is a bit of a vagabond at heart.



Languages spoken: Common, Miqo'te. (Not really sure what the actual Miqo'te tongue is even called.)

Accent or dialect: Not exactly sure what the dialect would be. Some sort of 'commoner' speach? 'Ye' 'yer 'fer', usually clips the g off of any words ending in 'ing'. Tends to slur some words together.

Vocabulary/reading level: Skilled, though not to a scholarly degree.

Voice tone: Deep, gruff voice. Picture the scratchy sound someone has to their voice early in the morning or after raising their voice for a short period of time.

Favorite phrases: (Still working on this.)

Do they curse: Yes, though not excessively.

Demeanor: Generally pleasant but with a short temper when confronted with stupidity or outright

Mannerisms: Almost always seen with a visored turban to keep his face covered. Likes to articulate with his hands, often using them in conjuction with his speech to articulate a point or paint a picture of what he's talking about.


Habitual behaviors (nail-biting, drumming fingers, hair fixing, etc.): Foot-tapping, running of the fingers back through his hair.  Scratching the back of his neck.

Posture: Relaxed but straight.  Usually can be found lounging but not slouching.



Current occupation: Gladiator in the Coliseum of Ul'dah.  Guard for hire.

Level of job satisfaction: Greatly enjoys being a Gladiator, though he doesn't fight nearly as often as most. Does odd-jobs and guard work for extra cash.

Years at current occupation: 4-5.  Undetermined.

Income: No set income. Tends to pull in fairly sizeable winnings from his fights in the Coliseum, though hardly enough to be considered 'wealthy' since he lets a goodly amount of time pass between bouts on the Bloodsands.

Professional skills: His combat abilities are generally his only professional skills.  He has taken an interest in Blacksmithing and Armorsmithing in order to maintain the condition of his own equipment.

Combat skills: A swordsman of some note.  He is fairly skilled in the use of a short to mid-length sword in unison with a shield.  Tends to favor surprising opponents with sudden, explosive displays of swordsmanship as well as with quick shield strikes.  Relies on his shield as a weapon almost as much as his blade.  Also mixes in hand-to-hand combat due to some small amount of training with the Pugilist guild at the recommendation of the Gladiators' guild masters.




Place of residence: The Goblet.

Type of residence: Private apartment within the manse of his regular employers whom he does guard work for.

Surrounding area (city, rural, etc): City - Ul'dah

Describe residence: Lavish furniture set in a very relaxed atmosphere.  The general feeling one gets when they enter is that the room is designed to be a rather open lounge.  A small section is partitioned off to serve as his bedroom, as well as a small area set near the back of the space where he keeps his desk.  The desk contains everything he's managed to piece together of his older sisters whereabouts and movements leading up to her disappearance during the Battle of Cartenaeu.

Who do they live with:  No one, though the manse itself is used by the company he is employed by and has several other private residences within it.

Pets: Valiant; the chocobo he's helped raise since he was young.

Overall quality of living conditions: Comfortable, if not on the low end of lavish.

Home décor: Lavish rugs, paintings of Ul'dah and Gridania to remind of of his birth home and chosen home. Map of Eorzea. Plenty of wall-mounted accent lighting to give a warm, inviting appearance.

Important features of home:  Large map of Eorzea detailing his sisters movements with the Adders company she was assigned to.  Large brick and stone fireplace set against one wall serves as the centerpiece for the open lounge area.




Marital status: Single

Significant partner(s): None currently.

Previous romantic partners: Numerous prior romantic interests, though most have been simple flings with fans after a fight in the Coliseum.  No one who would be considered notable or who was with him for any length of time longer than a few days.


Children: None


Important family: Older sister.  The reason he left Gridania in the first place.

Mother: Ehri Zhwari

Age: 53

Living or deceased: Living

Mother’s occupation: Herbalist and supplier to Bentbranch meadows.


Father: Zeliyah'to Nbolo

Age: 51

Living or deceased: Deceased.

Father’s occupation: Botanist, chocobokeep.


Siblings: Four siblings.  One older sister, two younger, and a younger brother.

Liseh Zhwari

Zhwari (PC played by a friend)

Izih Zhwari

Ehri'to Zhwari

Describe the quality of relationship with any significant family members: Very fond of his older sister and looks up to her greatly.  She is the main catalyst for his story.  She joined up with the Adders grand company to keep the family safe and went missing during the Battle of Cartenaeu.  Ehri'a left shortly after hearing of her disappearance for Ul'dah in hopes of finding out information on her potential whereabouts, as well as training from the Gladiators' guild there.



How does the character relate to:

Spouse: N/A

Lover: Player controlled, so I'll leave this blank. People can RP with him to find out more than that!

Past lovers/spouses: Indifferent.  Most have simply been mutual flings that neither party had any long term interest in.

Children: Doesn't necessarily want any and isn't too terribly fond of them.  Doesn't hate them, and will fight tooth and nail to protect one in danger.

Friends: Loyal to those who have been proven the same.  Will gladly take up arms to protect them or right a wrong done to them.

Employer: Thinks of his current employer as a means of stability.  They seem a nice lot, but he isn't terribly close with them yet.  Will still do everything in his power to protect them and their interests, as that's what his job itself entails.

Pets: Fiercely loyal and protective of his chocbo, Valiant.  The trusted bird-steed has been with him since before he left Gridania.

Strangers: Wary of them, but holds no outward animosity unless he percieves a hostile intent.

Opposite sex: Usually very outgoing and flirty, though he tends to be rather modest in public.

Same sex: Friendly in most cases.  Tends to view them as either allies or competition.

Family members: Fiercely loyal and will do everything he can to keep them safe, even if he is somewhat distant with his parents and younger siblings.  His older sister is a role model.

Authority: Small amount of disdain for local guards, though he isn't generally openly disrespectful.  Holds a great deal of respect for the Grand Companies of Eorzea.

Enemies: Tends to be unforgiving.  If someone manages to be called a true enemy, they've alread done something fairly greivous in his mind.  Is ruthless if pushed into combat with an enemy, and fights to the fullest extent of his abilities.




Any psychological issues or illnesses:

Meyers Briggs Personality Type:


What do they love:

What is their passion:

What do they hate:

What would they die for:

What do they value:

Secret loves:

Sexual behavior:


Personal philosophies:





Greatest strength:

Greatest weakness or flaw:


Their favorite attribute:

Least favorite attribute:


Biggest secret:

Biggest fear:


Most likeable trait: Always quick with a joke.  Constantly trying to lighten the mood when it's appropriate and enjoys making those around him laugh.

Least likeable trait: Very cocksure, almost to the point of arrogance in some regards.


Proudest accomplishment:

Other accomplishments:

Biggest regret:

Most embarrassing moment:

Personality quirks:

Would they like to change anything about themselves:


Short term or long term goals:



Heroes or role models:

Negative role models:

Biggest life influence:


Likes or dislikes:

Favorite book, movie, music, etc:


Additional information:




Please provide a 3-5 paragraph backstory for your character.



Anything left blank is simply because I either haven't managed to fill it out yet (this is very much still a work in progress), or I'm still unsure as to what I'd like to put down.

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Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC and to RP on Balmung! :thumbsup:


Looks like you've got a pretty good solid foundation for your character already! What's next is probably to decide the kind of direction you'd like to take the Crescent Moon. There's a lot of potential niches with smaller communities built up around them- anywhere from Miqo'te (master race) clans, to treasure / knowledge hunters, even on up to organized crime. You can also toss up a Making Connections post here on the RPC as a means to hit the ground running, too!

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Ohmigoodness lots of info! You weren't kidding, you have gone completely in depth with this. I am liking it, too :D Welcome to Balmung and to the site, etc. and so on. It's super friendly on the server, which is awesome!


No, really, the people are totally awesome on this server. 


I don't know a lot about Miqo'te myself. I'm a newbie as well. I've learned that people are willing to be forgiving about mistakes and help to correct. Though most leave it be, because it's hard to be 100% correct, unless you go superbly vague usually. But where's the fun in vague?? I do like your descriptions on features. You're rounding him out wonderfully, from what I see.

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