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Das Loot - Episodic Criminal Roleplay

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Season Three of Das Loot has begun!


Das Loot is a collection of RP arcs and mini events focusing on dark, criminal, and underworld themes. The events have historically been largely action-oriented, though this season will see an expanded emphasis on events emphasizing problem solving, investigation, and "soft skills". This season my intent is to have an event every 2-3 weeks.


Past examples of events include recovering property stolen by a rival gang, responding to the attacks of a rival gang, and attacking caravans in order to hijack their goods. About two thirds of the events tie into larger stories, while a third are standalone events. The events take place at different days and times, to allow more people to participate, and typically run 3-4 hours in length.


These events are run using the F-5 game system, an extremely simplified version of Fate-14 with a focus on allowing character creation on the fly. This enables people to participate in these events with no preparation.


While some people participate in these events with their mains, and can be written into the story for an experience with depth, I am always in need of people to play NPCs in these events. In addition, I am interested in expanding the scope of these events to include other groups of players (eg: a group of Flame rollplayers who are trying to stop our smuggling operation, or a rival group of criminals).


If you're interested in participating, please contact myself (C'kayah Polaali). We have a linkshell and Discord server for event coordination.

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The next mini-event will be Thursday the 30th, at 7:00 PM PDT.


[align=center]A Delivery Gone Wrong[/align]


The Black Coeurl is delivering materials to a reclusive and sinister sect of Mages near Little Ala Mhigo when crisis strikes! We need people to play NPCs. There is a slot open for a player group (probably white hats, but they could be rival criminals) who oppose the Mages.


If you're interested, please contact myself (C'kayah Polaali) or C'anmaia Polaali.

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Apologies for the short notice. After a couple of weeks of job related non-events, we're having another mini-event! This one takes place April 20th at 7:30PM PDT at the BLACK house (Lavender Beds ward 6, plot 33).


A word of warning: This mini-event is going to be experimental, and liberties will be taken with your character by the game master. Your character will not be killed or maimed without your consent, but that's about as much as I can guarantee.

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Apologies, but more job-related non-mini-event happening this week. Next week brings back the Mages of Little Ala Mhigo and their peculiar slave trade.


We've now got 2 GMs running these mini-events, so we're aiming to have alternating GMs every week, which should help us run these things on a more consistent weekly schedule.

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Season 3 is upon us!


Season 2 ended with the mysterious destruction of the mages and Kakase's capture by Ul'dahn police. Season 3 opens with the aftermath of that. The Black Shroud-based Moonkeeper gang the Bewleh Brothers arrange a meeting with an Au ra criminal organization to gain a piece of equipment.


Mini-event 3.1 - Saccharin and Trust - Two gangs meet to strike a deal only to have the sun and attitude torpedo everything. Gang leader Miho has baby lust, but not like you would expect...

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[align=center]Players Wanted![/align]


It's that time of year again, Das Loot season 3 is kicking off! The focus for this season will be the aftermath of the destruction of the cabal of mages from season 2. I have a couple of hooks available to bring people in:


- Criminals: The destruction of the mages left a power vacuum in the Thanalan underworld. Players that fill this will grow in power and wealth.

- Any: The mages had a particularly valuable item in their vaults. Players that acquire this will grow in power and wealth.

- Adventurers: I have a patron available who is interested in the loot. Players could work for this patron, going about the business of seeking and acquiring this loot. This is ideal for players who are unsure how they might proceed on their own.


The next event is going to be Friday November 10th at 8:00 PM, Pacific time, and will be picking up where season 2 left off: With the Brass Blades catching Kakase at the mage's compound after the mages have all been killed. Ideally this event will also introduce new players.


If you're interested, please PM me here, contact me in-game (C'kayah Polaali or Savin Kekaalah), or in discord (Satsuma#9627)

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