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A bard looking to make connections!

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Hello! I'm a new RPer that's RPed for 7+ years - but I am new to RP on an MMO. I recently made a thread in the Welcome Desk, which I will link here, and was recommended to also make a thread here in Making Connections!


A large plethora of the information on my character, Khonrahd Ackhunleq, can be found on the wiki page and tumblr - but I will also include some background and information regarding who he is and how he came around to Eorzea in the present.




Khonrahd Ackhunleq is a Xaela bard - the Ackhunleq clan being a break off from the Dazkar clan that stepped away from the Othard Steppes (haha) to take on a new life of adventuring - rather than living the life nomadic warmongering tribes-people. When Khonrahd and his clan moved into Doma along with many Raen, the family was not entirely taken with open arms, but people knew that Xaela were good at fighting, and being a break off from the Dazkar, people knew that there were heavily skilled archers within the Ackhunleq clan.


Adventuring being their primary form of income, Khonrahd was taught by his mother archery - over the years which he planned to follow in the footsteps of his mother to become and adventurer. Sentimentally after his father was soon deceased because of sickness after moving to Doma, Khonrahd also decided to take up his father's skill and become a violinist as well as a trained adventurer to further his clan's name within Doma - and prove to people that the Xaela were not just brutes.


Despite his desires to prove that as a Xaela Khonrahd could be civilized, many Raen children around his age did not necessarily feel the same way. Khonrahd was ostracized from many other Raen children - be it due to discrimination from the children themselves, or the parents. That was when Khonrahd first figured out the distaste between Xaela and the Raen - a desire to prove himself would not be easy, if not borderline implausible. He grew up into his adulthood having practically no long-lasting friends, and thus left him with a plethora of social inabilities - in the meantime giving him a lot of practice to hone other skills that lack requirement of social contact: combat, musical, and other artistic skills.


His life continued on as normal - one that he learned to be at peace with. It wasn't until Khonrahd was 27 when the Garlean invasion of Doma where his clan vowed to fight the Garleans while the Raen ran from Doma. Khonrahd growing up in Doma, didn't see this particularly as the best option - more of one that seemed closer to more of a suicide if anything else. Despite his views and his attempts to communicate to clan members closest to him, his suggestions went unheard.


Being loyal to his clan, he fought by their side regardless. Due to the Garlean's number and power - the Garleans wiped out his clan like bugs. Khonrahd was caught running from an explosion, back turned - before the shrapnel from the explosion lodged itself into Khonrahd's back. Crawling away from the combat zone, he was luckily saved by a Raen who saw his attempt to protect Doma as honorable, and on the refugee ship he was given medical attention.


After months of traveling over the seas, Khonrahd was able to recover as normal - spending his time on that ship playing songs to cope with his clan's destruction as they sailed towards Eorzea - to this day Khonrahd has never managed to swallow the events down of the battle, PTSD continuing to flash those moments in his eyes whenever he leaves himself vulnerable enough to let it tear him down.


Getting off of the ship on Gridania, Khonrahd finally decided that there was no reason to follow in the footsteps of his mother, and decided he would adventure as bard with incredible archery prowess and years of musical practice - to find himself, a new place to call "home," and to have vengeance on the people who destroyed his clan - and produced a burning hot hatred towards Garleans.


He still continues to travel around Eorzea as a bard, taking on odd jobs for people that his skills are best suited for - finally ready to begin singing his own tale.




That being said, knowing Khonrahd as a character I can kind of grasp it might be a little difficult to communicate with an awkward and bitter character. The hardest part of this character is being unable to push him to interact directly with other RPers - but it's a large part of the challenge that I'm more than willing to work at.


Here are a few plot hooks that I've managed to think and muster up:



  • In the middle of a conversation. Khonrahd has a few acquaintances he speaks to, and it's often very easy for people to attempt to communicate with him while he's in the middle of a conversation with someone else. If you feel that it is rude to butt in, I personally generally wouldn't mind - please feel free to send a tell my way to make sure!

  • Khonrahd may also be occasionally playing a song on his violin - whether be it he's trying to make a bit of money on the side or he's just bored.
  • He is very attracted to scenic places, and attempts to draw them in his sketchbook due to a large appreciate of nature.

If you have any ideas, feel free to send me a PM here, on Tumblr, or just send me a tell in-game to "Khonrahd Ackhunleq"! I play on EST and I'm usually online in the evenings. I also have a Discord, which I don't mind giving out on request.


I also am very open to relationships that are beyond friendships - interactions are interactions, you know? All forms of relationships are all meaningful and important, imo. Even if our character's don't get along, that's just as important as any friendship or romantic relationship. I am also very friendly - much opposite to the character I play, so don't be afraid to hit me up![/align]

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