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The Second of Spring Melon Crushing Contest! (April 9th, 2pm EST) - Canceled!

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[align=center]Ah, spring. Flowers are in bloom, birds are singing, bugs are buzzing. And melons are gonna be crushed. [/align]

[align=center]It's that time again folks! What better way to ring in the first official day of spring than to crush some good ol' melons between your good ol' thighs![/align]



[align=center]Competitors will use a /random system where they must hit a certain number after a certain amount of tries. For example, to crush the first melon, the player would have to roll over 100 once out of three times. The larger the melons get, the higher you have to roll, with fewer chances. In the case of a tie, we keep rerolling until we have a winner! So, it looks something like this:[/align]








[align=center]The actual event will be starting at 2pm EST, April 9th on Balmung Server. You can either contact on tumblr, (the-hawkeye.tumblr.com) on the RPC as Kiera Hawkeye, or in-game by the same name. The event this year will be held at the Forgotten Springs, in Southern Thanalan, X: 15.1, Y: 31.1 located here:[/align]











[align=center]The prize this time round will be one item from the Mogstation! Limit $30 USD. Want a Far Eastern outfit? Maybe a combo of cherry trees and a mat for your yard? They could be yours!  


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