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An idea about clans


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I had a thought on my way to work today. What is someone called if they are a mix of two clans. I'm not talking about a Hyur/Miqo'te mix but a Highlander and Midlander having kids. It's unlikely but not impossible. I think we as a community might be able to come up with a convenient label for it for RP. What do you think?


Just for quick reference:


Hyur- Midlander and Highlander

Miqo'te- Seekers of the Sun and Seekers of the Moon

Elezen- Duskwight and Wildwood

Lalafell- Dunesfolk and Plainsfolk

Roegadyn- Hellsguard and Sea Wolves

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I think I've read somewhere (perhaps on the new official S-E lore forum) that the character customization options during character creation in ARR will allow for some degree of overlap between the two clans of each race.  I seem to recall the example given was with regard to the miqo'te slitted eyes for whichever of those clans does not normally exhibit that trait (I think Keepers but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm mistaken).


For RP purposes I don't see any real harm in it.  I know that with the elezen clans there seems to be a certain degree of animosity about how each perceives the other.  I'm not sure whether or not this holds true for the other races, but perhaps it's something we'll see more of in ARR.  I really don't see anything wrong with it personally, since characters will presumably be able to exhibit characteristics of both clans.  My worry when I read that news was that it was going to leave each clan somewhat less unique.  But ultimately I think it will be to each RPer to decide for him/herself.  :thumbsup:

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Basically SE has confirmed that interracial things can happen, so clans would as well. However, I don't think coming up with a term to encourage it is a good idea. It's supposed to be pretty darn rare as is due to cultural differences between the races, the same holds true for the clans.


While we'll have to option to mix clan traits more than we did in 1.0 in ARR, again, it's something that's supposed to be uncommon.

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It seems to me that clans would be more about identity than pure heritage. There are traits that define certain clans, but that's about it.


I figure the best analogue is how race tends to be defined in everyday life. Everyone has some overlap with other races, and some people do identify as multiracial, but sometimes— if they don't have too many defining traits either way— people can and do choose what race they feel they fit into instead of making a new category for themselves.

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