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Standard "Seeking Parterns" thread REDUX

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Oh geez, I have come rather far when I first started RP in Balmung. It's been a lot of highs and downs, saying hello and goodbye to good friends. But I honestly love that I've been able to make this journy!


Anyway, with that mushy stuff out of the way, I suppose I ought to get to the point, shouldn't I? :cactuar:


[align=center]Josiah Covey, Guardian For All[/align]


[align=center]WHO AM I?[/align]

You can just call me Josi! Since Josiah is really the only character I play. ;u; I'm from the Midwest, US of A, early 20s, and love memes and anime like any other degenerate. I've been playing FFXIV for a couple of years now, and started roleplaying in it since last year or so. I do plan on making more characters, but would rather wait until Stormblood drops, and jump potions are a thing, because I'm a lazy piece of shit. Click on THIS to head on over to Josiah's Wiki page.


[align=center]WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR?[/align]

Well, that's rather simple. I'm looking for anyone willing to bother my sweet cinnamon roll, and drag him into whatever adventure comes their way! But aside from friendship, what I would also love to see are people who butt heads with this guy. People who test his morals and challenge him. Enemies, rivals, frienemies, anything along those lines. Overall, I want more to do with Josiah. I want him to form bonds of friendship that just feel right, and will weather whatever storm that hits them. I want to see him grow, and for him to help others do the same.



So, yeah, I am a huge fucking nerd for romance, and I do want to pair my boy up with someone, for all the mushy and all the kissy. BUT, that being said, I also am very picky with who he's involved with. While he does have a large preference to female Roegadyn, and I don't particularly like Miqo'te, there's really no restriction when it comes to the appearance of the other character. It's the personality that makes or breaks it. I want someone who's almost completely opposite of him. It's a bit hard to explain, but someone that's aloof/aggressive/tomboy-ish, or at least something along the lines. Honestly, I'm just really odd about it, and like I said, pretty picky, so if you did have hopes for that sort of relationship with him, just let me know and we'll see what's what!


[align=center]HOW TO CONTACT ME[/align]

You can message me here, /tell me in game, or poke me on Discord or Tumblr! Discord is Josikun #9681 and THIS is his Tumblr blog. I hope to see you lovelies soon!

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Can't really offer much in the way of romance from Y'id! But if he isn't the type to start a 6 month feud because Y'id made made an offhand comment his hair that she forgot about within 2 seconds then I am always up for having more contact for Y'id to meet with. Even if it's just bumping into eachother and getting drunk... Since Y'id does that a lot... :tonberry:

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Pfffahaha, oh geez. Josiah isn't the type to really get upset over insults, but, certainly would attempt to out drink her once they properly met. Toss me a PM, and we can work out some details, yeah?

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