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A Challenger Appears!


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I've had the game less than 48 hours and I stumbled here! I'm Rethyn, new, and cluess to FFXIV RP. I've played many MMOs in the past/roleplayed in them. I look forward to meeting you all as I figure this game out!

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Dear New and Clueless;


Enclosed, please find a butter knife, pillow shield, and plastic piece of armor with a crack down the middle. Now go out there and have fun!


*tosses newcomer into a primal ex*


"Oh! And welcome! Don't forget to keep both arms tucked in for the duration of the ride!"

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Hello and welcome to the RPC and Balmung! It can be a lot to take in when you first get started so I would say just take your time and enjoy yourself. When you have some down time I would look over all the intro guides to RP posted on the forum and get yourself familiar with the absolute basics and that should set you up for getting started.


From there I would get together a bit of character information and background and try to organize that into a wiki. If you have any questions or want to get your feet wet with RP feel free to reach out :D

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to FFXIV, the RPC, and to Balmung! :thumbsup:


Once you've settled in a bit, you'll want to toss up a Making Connections post here on the RPC- it'll help you to hit the ground running, especially if you have some directions in mind for what niche you'd like to shoot for in your RP! 


Regardless, best of luck on the hunt!

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