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Looking for deep meaningful connections!

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Hello all!


So I've been beating the Balmung Block for roughly about a year now and I still realize that most of my connections have either stopped playing FFXIV completely, or are on new characters with new storylines!


So, I am back to claw at threads for connections! I'm after deep meaningful friendships, or even relationships that span over lengths of time! 


If you'd like to read more about my half-breed, you can hit his tumblr riiiiiight: here !


Look forward to hearing from you!

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I am always down for friendships on Chi!


Being Xaela, she would be a bit shy-ish. She only is really fearful of the more violent tribes. But since there isn't a marking or trait to tell between, she tends to be a little shy.


Mm..otherwise about Chi. Chi is a good aligned mage sort character. She is adorable, kind and clumsy. She works at a hunting lodge called The Wandering Tonberry as a clerk and at times healer (when needed). She also runs a small flower shop with her sisters called Hana O'hana. (So if you have a loved one or want to get a gift for a friend, feel free to hit me up for a visit!) She likes to read/learn, art, flowers. Just likes to help folks. I have a tumblr, I don't really RP on it, it is just a place that I do screens, advertise (story stories at some point) and other random things.





My other character is Ritsu Knoltros. Less friendly of the two. Elezen who runs the Wandering Tonberry lodge. If you ever need hunters tho! She may be able to connect you do some folks.

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