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  1. I haven't ever noticed an issue. When my first main was single, she has quite a few suitors and my other character had a couple. That said, this was years ago, I haven't been open for shipping in quite some time. These ladies weren't flirtatious or really even all that outgoing. At the time elezens were on the rare side, so maybe that was part of the reason she generated so much interest? I am not sure. I can tell you that I was more focused on story driven plots than romance and the romance aspect just kind of fell into place there.
  2. Lets see. SO I was introduced to the game via my roomie. I happened to come across her when she had the character creator up before 2.0 relaunched. I was like OOO can I try to make something, they let me. And decided from there to get the game! From there we joined Gilga, back when RP was pretty heavy there. She used to RP in 11, so guess it was natural she would get into it here. It started out with her dragging me around, from there I started to get into it as well. Rest is history!
  3. On a side note: I was SUPER thrown off by people wanting romance/sex RP. For the first bit of my RP in FFXIV it was all being badass, fighting bad guys ect kind of RP. I moved to Balmung and was a bit surprised by it. I was more used to tabletop - and you really don't have much of that. OP has already decided to throw in the towel, but figured I would add my two and a half cents. When it comes to Mateus, please remember it is new and growing. I haven't really rolled an alt there but I have heard folks pros and cons about it. I think the biggest point that keeps coming up is "It is fine as long as you find the right group." Which can be a touch discouraging. And really the same could more or less be said about Balmung. We have lots of great events and I have made friends outside my FC with lasting connections. But overall my time spent is with my FC folks. As someone who runs an FC, I like to keep mine on the small side. Since I want our folks to get personal attention. It has it's pros and cons, too many people and folks can get left out, too few - there aren't many to rp with. For me Balmung has been more positive over negative for the most part. Re-rolling a lot? That is always a hard one. I have a friend that tends to do that. I always adjust for them and thankfully it tends to be the same characters over and over again (maybe a time or two with a random one thrown in there) But it is really hard to do any kind of plotting with them since I don't know if in a week or two it will be dropped because they have a whim to be something else. I also have had FC person that did that. I really from the bottom of my heart want people to play what makes them happy. But it became the same issue as it was with my friend. And every time a new character would come around, we would set them up to get "hired" once again. Even did a small plot to have one of his old characters come back from the dead. I get alts aren't everyone's thing. But it is one of the reasons I like them. I have 2 that are primaries and one that I dabble on. I can be my sweet au ra hippy flower child or my stoic sniper archer elezen or my punch it in the face hyur. I couldn't change my 2 "mains" I have fits over changing their hair styles sometimes >.>;; (yes, I am weird about that.)
  4. OH! I have a few good ones from the last day. 1.) So I have been working on one of my alts and she is at Baelsar wall. Going as an AST, my second favorite healing class. Most of the dungeon was okay, tank was hesitating a bit in big pulls (which I don't like) but we got thru it. I did die at the end of the 2nd boss because phone was going off, but not biggie - it was almost dead. SO Mostly went smooth. TIL we got to the last boss. I died to chain. Tank was all like "Watch your footing". I politely told him I did not die to AOE's I died because I was not broken out of the change. 2ND time (was not broken out again) Tank: HEALER WE NEED YOU. Me: We need to break me out of the chain then. 3RD time..guess what..died in the chain AGAIN. Tank is just like WOW at this point. (not sure if it was directed at me or the dps at this point) 4TH Finally cleared. At least I got 2 comms. 2.) So I am running a 24 man raid. I started to notice very quickly that my co-healer was doing absolutely nothing. Not even healing herself. SO I get a little petty and just stop healing her. She almost died, but finally at least healed herself. For funsy I just start to watch what she is doing. She medica 2 twice and did like 6 stone 3. Finally someone else called it to attention and she started to cast cure 2. (Though I am not sure anyone actually needed it) It was a bit irksome. I don't mind someone not dpsing as a healer if they just aren't comfy with it for whatever reason. But to particularly AFK a whole raid - not cool yo.
  5. I would like to sign up Chidori Farcloud for female entry! I'm at work at the moment but will come as it this after work for the info! Intro: Chidori Farcloud, a ray of sunshine from the Wandering Tonberry hunting lodge! Chidori loves botany, growing all kinds of flowers in her spare time. She does quite a bit of charity work with her sisters, giving any donations given to her for her flower pins to those in need. Her favorite things include art, dodgeball, music, flowers and Roger.
  6. Female that plays females. I DO like playing different kinds of characters, my two mains are vastly different from each other. I have even played a few males for FC plots, short term - do a-ok. But I do struggle with RP'ing a male long term. I may give it another shot, I have a design I like and wouldn't mind using. When it comes to sexuality/romance and my characters, that tends to be secondary. I was new to MMO RP and that never really came up when I played D&D back in the day. As far as what my partners gender is RL? Don't care, I am comfy with writing with whoever. Whether it is a woman playing a male or vice versa.
  7. Personally I am a fan of letting things happen naturally. I have a SO that plays the game as well and neither of us mind each other having different partners. I had a relationship IC with another player for about 2 years. My SO still wanted to do lovey dovey on his main, so I made him a character. But even though I made the character "for" him, IC interactions were to determined if the characters got together or not. First one I made? Failed so hard, but it was still fun to RP! The second one eventually worked out (good thing too cause I wasn't changing this one) But it took YEARS. I mean..I am still sitting on a bonding for those two. Now? I would rather do romantic RP with a close friend or my beloved. For a few reasons. 1.) Anxiety, while it wasn't so bad when I first moved here. It is amp'ed up now. 2.) Since I have been here I have seen so much drama from bleed/bad endings. I rather just avoid it. Would I still let it happen naturally, yups! If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. Sometimes two characters just don't flow well together.
  8. First off - my only experience RPing via text/MMO is FF14. I have done tabletop back in the day, but romance never part of it. It /feels/ slightly different in the Quicksand now as opposed to when I moved to Balmung. But that might just be our population/rp'ers increased. It did get a lil more weird late at night. Now, I honestly do not go to the Quicksand very often anymore. If I do, I tend to get asked about ERP via a tell. More often, the tells are polite and let it go when declined. I have had a few bring it to a weird place, but I block and move on. My two cents on it, you do you. There are a fair chunk of players looking for more platonic relationships, I am one of em!!
  9. Chi is always down for friends! She is a clumsy, good hearted mage She also runs a small flower shop as well! More on Chi - https://chidorifarcloud.tumblr.com/post/160661785376/rp-hooks-for-chi
  10. Alright! So no sign ups. But I don’t want to cancel. So we are going to run our tavern as well! So come get your drink on.Come and tell your hunt stories or come and try to tackle “The summoning”!
  11. I have had quite a few folks tell me my elezen is difficult because she is very stoic. Really the majority of RP I do with her is business. Socially, her husband is usually around and he is slightly more outgoing than her. So consider a wingman/gal. Also could perhaps try seeing you could set up or have some pre-established connections.
  12. [align=center][/align] OOC: Info! Tonberry Tall Tales is a storytelling event, true? false? We want to hear them all. For the sake of time, we are asking folks sign up in advance. We are taking 10 speakers per TTT event. Feel free to message me on tumblr or RPC to reserve a slot. If we have not met our quota of 10, we are more than happy to add at the time of event. So to review: 1.) Please sign up! Message me here or on RPC. 2.) We ask speakers to keep their story within a 10 minute block. 3.) Speakers will use yell. Feel free to emote, be dramatic get that audience on your side. 4.) Prizes for the mostly likely to have happened as well as the most outlandish, more than likely didn’t happen. 100K gil each. 5.) In an event of an audience tie, Berry members will break the tie. Any questions?! Feel free to hit Flynt Knoltros/Roger Holmes or Ritsu Knoltros/Chidori Farcloud up!! **Tonberry Tall Tales is one of the “Wandering Tonberry presents” events, so you will see if come around very few months or so.** Tumblr post https://ritsuknoltros.tumblr.com/post/160522370691/the-wandering-tonberry-presents
  13. More than welcome to use the lodge, as it is open to the public. If we know of a time & folks are free, might even be able to swing a bartender and server. BUT! Not sure I would file it under fancy Feel free to check it out. Goblet Ward 8 plot 12 basement.
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