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The Wandering Tonberry presents ~

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Greetings! Ritsu Knoltros here, We would like to welcome you to our first (in a series of rotating events!)


The Where?! Goblet Ward 8, plot 12. Basement. 

The When?! April 27th, 8pm EDT.


Come enjoy some booze, a hardy meal and tell rousing stories of hunts!

Menu is in the works! We will have two specials for meals and many other meat & popoto options! Any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Ritsu Knoltros/Chidori Farcloud, Roger Holmes/Flynt Knoltros, Aden Dellebecque or Raik Samil.


Events will fall on the last Thursday of each month, so keep an eye out!

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Just had my very first RP session through this wonderful tavern. Only got there as things were wrapping up, but it led to a nice long session with two very good players. Count me in for a return visit!


So very glad to hear that! We should be doing monthly server wide ones (every last Thursday). Though theme will be switching up! Next one will be Tonberry Tall Tales. (more details to come soon!)


Always free feel to catch us for some random RP! We are rather small, so we might need to be poked before hand.  Or if you see us out and about! xD

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OOC: Info!

Tonberry Tall Tales is a storytelling event, true? false? We want to hear them all. For the sake of time, we are asking folks sign up in advance. We are taking 10 speakers per TTT event. Feel free to message me on tumblr or RPC to reserve a slot. If we have not met our quota of 10, we are more than happy to add at the time of event.

So to review:

1.) Please sign up! Message me here or on RPC.

2.) We ask speakers to keep their story within a 10 minute block.

3.) Speakers will use yell. Feel free to emote, be dramatic get that audience on your side.

4.) Prizes for the mostly likely to have happened as well as the most outlandish, more than likely didn’t happen. 100K gil each.

5.) In an event of an audience tie, Berry members will break the tie.

Any questions?! Feel free to hit Flynt Knoltros/Roger Holmes or Ritsu Knoltros/Chidori Farcloud up!!

**Tonberry Tall Tales is one of the “Wandering Tonberry presents” events, so you will see if come around very few months or so.**


Tumblr post


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Alright! So no sign ups. But I don’t want to cancel. So we are going to run our tavern as well! So come get your drink on.Come and tell your hunt stories or come and try to tackle “The summoning”!

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