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Looking for friends

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Hello all,


My name Is Kris'wo but you can call me Kris.


Unfortunately the FC I was previously with didn't work out due to IRL timing and really the events and style of RP. I have been doing casual RP for years but am not really a big fan of combat RP. I'm hoping to find some friends as my character finds himself once again lost in Eaorzea.


Kris is a 21 year old Miqo'te male who did serve in the military during the garlean conflict, however he has grown almost weary of combat hopping from groups of sellswords and mercs. Kris just wants to get his life together, he had no formal education growing up and would love to get an education in the magical arts. He was a drifter for most of his young adult life and has a strong passion for music. He has written folk songs about his adventures and dreams of being a performer, though he has a significant amount of stage fright. 


Kris doesn't have many friends as the ones he has met he met on the road. Kris frequents the quicksand in Ul'dah and can be found wandering around the city. 


If you spot me don't be a stranger! 



Theme song: HTb0vsdy63w

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