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Second time around


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So this isn't my first time here and I sadly couldn't remember the username or the name I was going on; but to be fair I had not done much here. This time around that will change! Hello I am Zarah Valroux a Female Roegadyn living in the Behemoth domain ( Behemoth server ). Looking to get into further RP. I have joined a band of others ( discord ) but have not been able to full keep up with everything. I in turn would hope to find others who would love venture out into the world, exploring it's wonders. 


So to go off on a bit of a tangent ( not really ). I am a veteran to RP but never really did so in an MMO ( unless you count SecondLife ). I'm quite interested to see what the events are like and if I can make a few of them. Like I told the Behemoth Roleplayers in discord my times are very erratic. For one my days off are never the same and two my days of working are all over the place. Sometimes I get home at 4 PM, 8 PM or even 2 AM. So before I jump into any sessions I just want everyone to know that. Other than that willing to learn, have fun and meet with others!



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:o Hello fellow FemRoe and yeah not going to lie finding RP outside of Balmung is quite the feat and nice to see I have another server to take a peek at and check out. And not sure about you but SL were weird times for me LOL so much stuff thats wrong screwy and messed up there xD Anywho good luck and maybe I'll visit Behemoth >__< Sorry I enjoy seeing the many server communities and been liking what I seen so far.
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Hello! Yeah I honestly had to join the LS to even realize that there were other RPers on Behemoth not as many as when I was on Balmung but still a fair bit :D. Glad to know there is another one who saw how weird SL could be at times :P. It's really nice not as RP heavy as the other two but still relatively nice!

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