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Prison RP invitation and dirty jobs

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Hello y'all!!


Invitation for Prison RP.


So Kaz was recently sent to prison due to Stalwart Diamond's swift and professional intervention which I highly praise! Amazing RP of a Flame Officer and one I'd love to see again, thanks a ton!!


But anyway, with Kaz in prison, away from his usual hangout spot in Pearl Lane and forced to interact with whoever shares a cell with him, I'd like to know if anyone is interested in having their low-life, criminal or even prison guard character join him for a day or two. Anything scenario-wise is welcome and even a jailbreak if your character has the skills.


Important detail though is that Kaz will be off his usual drugs and will become more agitated or some other times docile and, eventually, experience full withdrawal symptoms if he can't get out anytime soon so you will have to endure a passive and probably sick character after day 3 or 4.


If despite that, you are still interested in meeting Kaz in prison(or any other prisoners who are in prison with him), contact me when I'm online and I'll be happy to give you the location of the in-game prison! IC, the prison is within Ul'dah but we'll be using a cell in another location for immersion.



Drug provider and jobs


After his trip in prison, Kaz will return to his bad habits and will start consuming drugs again and try to find a job. He currently fights in pits but his winnings are no longer enough to support his consumption. If anyone has a job for a trashy punk, or even worst, want to abuse him and his drug addiction to force him into dirtier jobs, feel free to contact me if you have something to propose!


Kaz is an unruly kid and will cause a lot of trouble but he is very easy to manipulate with the right tools.

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