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Bugman's Grudge

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So, I'm working on the backstory to my first character in FFXIV. He is a short Hyurian Highlander, if tht isn't made clear in the backstory below.


Any suggestions on ways to improve the story are welcome - I probably needs changing a little to fit with the canon storyline.

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Backstory: The Bugman family was once famed throughout Eorzea for their skill at brewing - Casks of fine ale marked with 'Bugman's XXXXXX' were hauled by land, sea, and air to all the city-states of the land, and when the rich and powerful showed off their wealth and influence at a luxurious party, Bugman's finest ale always took a place of honour. The stout (In more ways than one) and bearded patron of the family, Josef Bugman, was often out, dining with wealthy merchants after personally delivering them a batch of his famous hand-brewed ale from his brewery in the mountains to the west of Ala Mhigo.


Of course, with him he always brought his dear wife, a midlander by the name of Lily, and his young son, Raul. While Josef was well travelled by the boy's birth, both his wife and his only child were in awe of the many different cities around Eorzea, and delighted in seeing the sights in person (Despite Lily's family working as tailors in Ul'dah, she had seen little outside the city).

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In the end, their regular trips to other city states is probably what saved them from the Garlean invasion, around twenty years prior to today. The Bugman family were in Limsa Lominsa at the time of the invasion, delivering their stock in person to the Admiral of the city at the time. About two days after they landed, they received news that Ala Mhigo was under attack, and that Bugman's brewery was raided when the Garlean forces sacked the lands around the city-state.


It was that day that Josef's family first saw the man truly angry - the brewery had been his grandfathers life's work, and he had intended to give the business away to his eldest when he felt he was too old to manage he business. But that was not to be. Since then, Lily has borne two more children, a pair of female twins, but much of Raul's life has since been dedicated to training his body and mind to fight the Garlean invaders, and to reclaim the land that was once his birthright.

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Might I recommend changing the name?


Because right now all I see is the Bugman's ale and the famous dwarven brewery and the dwarven ranger from the warhammer universe. If I encountered your character in game and heard his story, I would make the connection and it would detract from your characters story. No reason they can't be a famous ale making family under a different name.

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