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Rini's Private Journal

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The following is a collection of personal entries of L'rinhi Kett, a young miqo'te girl who struggles to find her place in the world despite what the world offers around her. The following entries are for casual reading and are not to be used IC without consent from myself or my character.



Dear Diary,


Is that what I'm suppose to say? I always did find these things sort of weird but its been awhile since I had one. I suppose this is a way to recollect on what has happened in the days prior, perhaps vent to...Myself? Maybe? Things have been interesting lately with each day a new twist and turn to my life. One day I'm wondering how I will keep going and the next things feel completely different. The company seems to be relaxing and more people are walking through our doors. However, I still worry about the combat expertise of our current members. Leves continue to pile up in my mail and yet I am unsure what else I can do. I don't want to lose anyone else on my watch and yet our duty is to protect the helpless.


I wish I could say I have someone to talk to about this but it seems everyone in my life thus far needs me to be strong. My company, my Fiance, my friends, and now even my brother has set off in some direction I am not aware of. I worry for him, my brother, as he doesn't seem to be the loving man I remember raising me. Regardless, I must press on, but maybe I can talk to Rhea again; if I can vent to anyone without looking weak or letting someone down it'd be her. Until then, goodnight journal.

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Another day, another hurdle, another half-of-a-million gil contract. The reports from Kou were finally finished today; big surprise that I am bleeding money faster than Ra drinks rum. Speaking of Ra, I've missed him as of late. I still can't believe the words he said to me that day, but maybe...Maybe it's true? Maybe we are different and maybe, maybe we are heading in different paths. My brother, a murderer? A selfish, gil loving killer? No, I can't believe that. I REFUSE to believe that. But, I'd be lying if I said I didn't worry for him...But...I have to keep going.


The meeting with Deahfel and her allies went well at least. I believe that the pairing will result in prosperity for all parties, though I do question the little one's intent to a degree. Mentioning that what he does for us is only for the benefit of asking for our aid when he needs it doesn't settle well with me, but it's not like it's all bad either...I mean, it's still a good cause regardless of the intent. I still need to meet with Haruka and explain the new alliance though I also hope we can talk privately again. Getting to know her has helped me a great deal in understanding her and possibly make a true friend. I can only hope that-


The entry abruptly stops.

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Have you ever wondered if there was anything beyond this?


I find myself questioning it sometimes, existence. Are we really here for a set number of cycles before our lives flicker away like ash? Yea, not the most upbeat conversation to have, but I still find myself wondering from time to time. Serenity worships the twelve, many do, but for me...What is there? I suppose it's possible. I mean, I hear the elements, feel them even, and you can't see them; well, you can see the evidence of where they have been however. But still, to believe so blindly that we must please some spiritual beings of the air, water, even trade? Without any records or proof? It still feels so...Empty.


I guess one day we'll all find out...

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"Well, it's been a rather busy moon already. The company is growing quicker than I anticipated or for my liking either...But perhaps its the fear of losing control again that causes my anxiety. Even with our increasing size, everything is still going as planned and our first mission with the Protector's Alliance is drawing near. I hope they are up for it...I hope I am up for it. Battle doesn't bother me much anymore, I owe that much to my brother. We were always getting into things that some would call hairy. It put food in our mouths though...And we never went hungry. But this is different. This isn't me healing a few wounds and hurling stones around. This is leadership in the field, something that requires quick thinking, respect, and experience....I wonder if I have those qualities...I suppose I'll find out soon enough.


Ra...I miss you..."

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Serenity happens by the strange book OK Rinhi's table. After picking it up and reading a few lines, she flips quickly to a new page, avoiding the other writings as much as possible. There, she quickly takes a pen and begins writing in wonderful cursive. 




"Dear Rinhi's diary, 



I happened upon you by chance, and though I did my best to not peek too much, I can see that my Rinhi's been using you fairly extensively. While I don't want to pry or take away from what this means, I do want thisto be written here for her to read whenever she wishes. I hope that's OK. 



Rinhi, I just want you to know how much you're loved and that you've got so much good in you. Every day with you has been absolutely amazing. I wouldn't trade what we have for anything else in Eorzea. I know sometimes you struggle, and that's ok. Just remember that I'm always here for you to do whatever you need me to do. You're doing a wonderful job with the Company and I've heard nothing but nice things from passersby. Keep smiling! 



Love you always and forever, 

S'Reyne Teh (Soon to be L' Reyne Kett❤️❤️)





With that, Serenity closed the diary, leaving it where she found it, along with a small package of chocolates and cookies, all Rinhi's favourite. With a content smile, the blonde Miqo'te turned and left the room, humming a happy tune. 

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