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I love my job!

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Working in the film industry has it's advantages! In case you didn't know, I do lighting and electric for film and television (when I can find work, it's been kinda slow lately). But earlier in the week I got hired on for the last two days of a movie called "Extraction". It has such actors in it as Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones and this guy:




After this picture, I was grinning ear to ear for about an hour afterwards -yes that's me- as I'm a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan and not to mention that Rudy and Goonies are two of my all time favorite films.


And to top it off, Sean Astin is a super cool dude. When he was wrapped on his last day on set, he came around and shook all the crew member's hands and thanked them for a job well done. Most actors are like that, but not all. After Vinnie Jones was done, he just up and left right away. He's a super nice dude, but he doesn't like to hang around for any period of time.


Oh, and to give you some idea of just how tall Sean is, I'm exactly 6' tall.

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