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Your Character in an RPG Setting

Eses Fafa

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Okay, picture this, folks!


The world of FFXIV is in fact a classic/Japanese RPG title and your character is a part of it.

Explain what role your character would serve within the traditionally stereotype setting of your RPG world. Each title's timeline would be based on each of the patches, starting with 1.0, Realm Reborn and finally Heavensward. Would they be a minor character, a citizen with looping text prompts, or even a major character? Would they transform over time?


For mine, it would be like this!


1.0: Eses would be a young and minor merchant character in one of the main cities, selling low-level trinkets and items for the player before tackling the starting zone. The player's party would meet several of the Fafa family, who look remarkably resemblant of this merchant, and each serve their own minor or comical purpose with no real impact on the story other than a minor slice of lore that players could follow over time for the fun of it.


Realm Reborn: Eses would receive an upgrade in importance, having gone on a journey of self-discovery, she develops into a stronger individual, looking to be one of the player's starting party members with an all-round stat system focused around strong individual spear attacks, Jumps, stuns, DoTs and debuffs, but also a rather solid natural defense, and an allowance for mail/character specific plate. She would be sorely lacking in healing or magical abilities, making her a mostly damage-focused character which would be suited towards more simplistic playstyles, or prone to being swapped out for more buff-oriented characters, tank builds or the inevitable cheese mechanic party for certain bosses. Her story development would be less about her interactions with potential antagonists and more about overcoming self-doubt and becoming stronger for their friends and loved ones. If they are in the party when meeting their cameo relatives, a special dialogue will be triggered each time.


Heavensward: Eses would be a returning party member, with improved mechanics such as iframes, rally buffs and powerful charged attacks to deal with the scaling difficulty as well as improving on the complexity of her playstyle. Her story would revolve around veterancy and realising her interactions in the past become a part of her as she grows older, but must remember to carve a path for the next generation of young heroes, looking to set an example for the younger members of the party by serving as a mentor, and tutorial character at the start of the game. An optional character quest would reveal a council of Fafa's, which would involve a collaboration of small, irritating cat people gathered in a circle discussing family politics. This serves little purpose to the story itself, but would give Eses a character-specific trinket which serves well during endgame content at the end.




So then, what would your character be in such a setting?

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