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  1. Eses Fafa

    discussion What or how did rp come to you?

    In 2007, I started WoW and joined Steamwheedle Cartel because it read 'Roleplay' when I was joining my first server. I was curious about it in the hopes that it added more immersion, and one day while I was in a guild, some person asked me if I wanted to roleplay. I was like 'it's new to me but sure!'. My tauren druid walked with some undead lass through Hillsbrad discussing politics, and I suddenly gained an urge for more over time.
  2. Eses Fafa

    What Items Do You Drop

    You defeat Eses Fafa: You receive: 1 pair of Lucky Goggles (Indestructable, +dodge rate, +accuracy, +crit rate) 1 pair of Lucky Pantaloons (+Dodge rate, +speed, +quaint downstairs breeze) 1 Notebook full of Adult Drawings (+Intellect, +charisma, +time "spent" in the bathroom) 1 Rosethorn (LNC, DRG) (A weapon enhanced with a heated magitek-infused head for extra piercing capabilities, crafted by a long-missing muse of a lonesome hero.)
  3. Eses Fafa

    Beginners Question: f2p account rp-viable?

    Quick note, to be honest. My brain went a COMPLETELY different place when seeing this title. Anyhow, the main RP hub is the Quicksand, while there are others such as the Drowned Wench, and various events at peoples' houses, there isn't much in terms of late-game roleplayer zones, unless you count the occasional Ishgard RP going off, which is naturally Heavensward content. I can't say there's much if any Kugane RP either, much to the chagrin of the weeb--I mean Doman-loving crowd. You should be fine on hubs. There are some cases where I've even met people out on the road ICly. Not being able to go post-35 does inevitably create an awkward situation where people are afraid to spoil the story, and being less in the know in the lore is always a handicap as a roleplayer. As for dependence on Linkshells and FCs, there's very little dependence, since both Balmung and Mateus have pretty good coordination with its own community. Both Linkshells and FC can be used for better organised roleplay sessions and storylines, but you'll not find yourself wanting.
  4. Eses Fafa

    Turn your main RP char into an NPC

    Eses would probably be a recurring minor character across the Dragoon storyline, repeatedly commenting or making jokes about how Dragoons will never be as awesome as they once were, right before going off to go hug a dragon.
  5. I mean..TECHNICALLY that'd be my tauren druid Nostrope, back in WoW. I mean I deleted him but he didn't die ICly.
  6. Eses Fafa

    Character Age

    In part, I use the fact we all look hella young for comic effect since this one is going on 30 next year, but she looks like she could be barely past 18. The urge to blurt that out aside, I'd take the advice of the first two. Suggestions via emotes or search info helps to determine certain factors off the bat, which we unfortunately lack addons like TRP3 or MRP in the game for. Otherwise, let 'em fluster if you start calling them young. I'm sure granny 'qote will give you a big ol' kiss on the cheek for it!
  7. Eses Fafa

    Your Gender vs. Your Character's

    How is that surprising these days?! Honestly, the only times I see that happening is when they had intentions to develop something IRL. I did get rather stunned when I found a few guildies on WoW were women playing guys because they played it pretty solidly, but it's often best to assume the chick is a dude until proven otherwise, and even better so if one has a more lecherous mindset of trying to progress something IRL and instead just trying to be your friend.
  8. Eses Fafa

    Your Gender vs. Your Character's

    It's often a bit of a meme to diss on men playing women, especially ones with a female partner, but I personally prefer to play most races as females because I prefer more diminutive or elegant builds. I'm not sure people really care about the opposing gender playing theirs, but I wouldn't be too miffed about it. A lot of people might hate a more butch girl being played, but at the same time, I hate bitchy blokes. Both exist in real life, and I've had the pleasure/displeasure of meeting both. The role of a certain gender can be played to a tee by the opposite relatively easy.
  9. Eses Fafa

    Why pre-arrange romantic RP?

    Personally don't endorse it myself, but it can be interesting for establishing partners that have been together for extensive periods of time, that no normal player would have been able to at that time. I'd say the longest I've held is at year 7 after doing it naturally, but a friend and I did plan for a couple that's been together for a few centuries on another game. Suffice it to say, that's about the extent of its usefulness, and mainly serves as an excuse to interact with just the one person instead of getting to know others outside of that roleplay.
  10. Eses Fafa

    T_T Why did I leave?....

    OOOOH..tough break, pal. Well..here's hopin' we can help ya out some in terms of this 'ere community.
  11. Eses Fafa

    Roleplaying in Public, but not..in public?

    This is tricky, since sometimes you need to tell people there's an 'event' or 'planned RP' going on, and generally such things are best kept to a party chat to alleviate confusion. If they're openly talking and emoting such things in a public area, it's their own fault for giving off the wrong impression and if they're mad about people coming up like that, then they should've stated it was a planned RP or actually think about how they plan such types of roleplay in the first place. I remember an event where some mates of mine and I disguised as Garleans and kept everything within party, though someone came along like 'I suggest you run..' thinking we were openly IC..not sure why someone would try to solo 4 guys but hey, whatcha gonna do? After I explain to her via /tell that it was a reserved event, she let us be.
  12. Eses Fafa

    4.05 Patch Notes

    Yeah that's great and all..but Dragoons need to be able to use NASTROND more often! Like reduce the cooldown on Nastrond or Jump/Spineshatter , give us a means to extend Life of the Dragon or MAKE LIFE OF THE DRAGON BLOODY 30 TO START WITH!
  13. That..is actually quite ironic considering Final Fantasy has been reusing names since the second one came out.
  14. Eses Fafa

    Any Balmung RP discords?

    Honestly, it can't hurt to be in an EU Discord even if you're American. Do a lil' role swap! We're..moderately okay people once you get past the Britmong banter.