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Searching for long-term-friends and relationships :)

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Hello all :3


I have been a rper for quite some time now, having rped on different servers and different characters and plots. And after all this time I feel like I want to take a break from what I have done before, which was mainly larger groups and plot-lines surrounding fighting for the greater good of Eorzea or, at some stages, also against it. But after all this time I feel like my main characters story has somehow came to a point, where I want to do something entirely different. I want to find some love for Yuri! :3


To be exact, I want to find someone, with whom I can built a long-term-relationship between our characters with, exploring the depths of the two characters and such a relationship over some time more than just few sessions and having a steady partner to have some fun with.


I know, that this is quite a specific search, but I have done most of the other stuff and thats kinda what I wanted to do for quite some time now and it never happened really. :) I also transferred to Balmung again after having been absent from it for quite a while. Also, while I am specifically searching for such a relationship here now, I want the relationship to grow naturally during rp. Think of it as a date situation, where we go into it with the goal, but also the option to opt out if we see it doesnt work out OOCly or ICly :)


Just because I love them, I would prefer female Miqote (or maybe AuRa). A male Miqote would also be an option, maybe also for my male alt :) (Im into same sex relationships, sue me :P). Here are two pictures of Yuri :3




And my (intentionally) short player directory: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=19189



Since I have a pretty busy job I am online mostly on weekends and just some evenings (UST +1) during the week.




So... thats it I think. If youve got any questions to this rather different search, feel free to ask :)


:3 Yuri

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I'm always up for finding long term friends RP wise!


Though I do enjoy meeting new people, I would also happily enjoy RP'ing with the same small group at any given free time. I like RP'ing in public somewhere and seeing orange names arrive!


Don't know if Y'id would work out as a romantic interest, but you never know what could happen 8 years down the line! :lol:

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