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The Artifice of Reason Exchange

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Every First and Third Friday @ 7:00 PM Central Standard

The Gold Court in Ul'dah[/align]


Are you seeking collaboration or assistance on a project? Do you like to browse strange curios and curiosities?

Need an expert to tag along in your ruins exploration?

Interested in commissioning work from a research collective?

Or are you simply looking for a social event with free booze?

The Artifice Exchange has all that and more!


Members of the Artifice of Reason invite you to come to the Gold Court and speak with them about their wide range of work. Different days will have different members depending on their availability so the Exchange will have new surprises each time you attend. What commissions they can and are willing to take will also vary depending on each individual’s skillset, and prices for work vary depending on the difficulty and potential material cost.


Any questions regarding this event can be directed in-game to Shiori Eikitaika, Inkeri Ivoryfang, or Leonnaux Altoix. Examples as to what the Artifice provides as an organization include: artifact recovery, research and development, mentorship and tutoring... Plus anything the members in attendance want to lay on the table. Our FC lore goes into it more in-depth; you can find it here.

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I forgot to bump this up last night before our Exchange! I'll set a reminder on my phone next time! (ʘᗩʘ’) I'm sorry; I'm a super space-case. But we are on the Balmung RP Calendar Tumblr and Bot, so it's kind of OK.




We want to extend our sincerest thanks to all who attended the first Artifice of Reason Exchange last night! We ran from 7PM CST to 10:45PM when things had pretty much wound down. Magitek was popular tonight, thanks for breaking in our New Blood! ;)


Some reporters from The Crystal Chronicle showed up as well and interviewed a few of our members so please look forward to reading about it when the next issue comes out on Sunday.


We hope to see you again!


(The next Exchange is on Friday, May 19, 2017. Who will come next time? The suspense is killing me. Please look forward to it!)

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Confirmed attendees are the aforementioned Dezi’to Cannera, bringing once more his magitek expertise, along with the Artifice’s resident alchemist, Ardun Wolfe.


We hope to see you there!


(IMPORTANT NOTICE: there will be no Exchange on Friday, June 16 due to Stormblood early access. We look forward to more fun and games after the expansion!)

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