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Redwings Inc

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[align=center]Redwings Inc [/align]


For all your delivery needs and desires! We ship by sea and air along with caravans that are all guarded with the best young men and women this side of the ocean! If you need something moved or delivered we got the man power to do it and get it down! 



[align=center]What is Redwings?[/align]




Redwings is a small collection of people who work together to ensure we all have the best experience possible. We often tend to keep our numbers small but open our RP events to those outside of the FC. However we first and for most aim for our members happiness first. We offer a warm friendly environment for your character story and themselves to grow. With a relaxed atmosphere and welcoming discord where everyone can get to know one another and share ideas. We are open to concepts and development for you and your character and wish to help you further what you want in the game.

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