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Have you seen my ship?

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"Well, this is fair embarrassing, let me tell you..."


Captain Fortinbras Carlyle, everyone's (read, no one's) favorite "Perfectly Legitimate Businessman," is in something of a bind. Due to a few outrageous turns of fortune involving loaded dice, loaded firearms, marked cards, poor selection of friends, unsavory business deals, blockades that certainly weren't there yesterday, misplacement of certain governing documents, lawful seizure of same, and general rotten luck, the Fortune's Friend (insert editorial laugh here) has been seized, stolen, sold, and otherwise misplaced.


Pursuant to that end, you might have heard rumors that the Cap and his wrench-wench Kellisto have been making subtle inquiries. These typically fall into one of three categories:


1) Fort and Kelli approach likely-looking individuals. Fort asks surreptitious questions about some shady character or another. Kelli blabs that the Cap doesn't know where his ship is. Fort dies a little inside.


2) Fort stares forlornly at a quay and starts to get misty. Kelli laughs at him.


3) Fort plasters posters in the seedier dives and hangabouts of ne'erdowells promising modest rewards for gossip. These may or may not be covered in glitter to attract attention.


[align=center]Have you seen me?  [/align]


Bronco-class Airship, answers to "Fortune's Friend." Last seen in the company of one (1) Declan Samartine, Elezen. Might have changed hands to one (1) Valriaut Samartine, same. Might've changed hands any number of times, frankly. Likely mistreated or wrapped up in unseemly dealings.


-Sleek body-styling, suitable, but not necessarily for grey-market wealth redistribution concerns.

-Dual-sweep Ceruleum drive (aftermarket)

-Reinforced prow since "the incident" (aftermarket)

-"Lady Luck" Figurehead

- Absolutely no, and here I really must reaffirm, NO hidden compartments in the lower hold. I'm serious, guys.


Information leading to the rediscovery, recognition, and recapture of the Fortune's Friend will be remunerated handsomely. Means Gil. Serious inquiries only, please. Fool me once...


-Captain Fortinbras Carlyle

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