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A Mage in need of Companions

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Greetings! I am new here to Balmung Roleplay, and I hope to be able to have tons of fun with others. I've had several years of roleplay itself, but this is one of the newer types I've done. I hope I don't disappoint!


My character is Aster Uster, and he is a Thaumaturge. Sort of. He only knows of how to do magic by watching others. Thus far, he can make ice and fire, but it tires him out very greatly. An adventurous fellow, he left his homeland, and is a Foreigner that traveled to Ul'dah. He could do well with friends and maybe even a teacher, seeing as he can't even read in the common language.


If you're interested, go ahead and talk to me! I'm always open for it. If you think I can update this page at all, tell me too! I'm open to criticism, and I haven't done this before. Thanks for reading!

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