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Attempts to make a cute male Au Ra

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I think my au ra dude is pretty cute?







HOT TIPS based on general principles of "cute" things being round, soft, with big eyes and an innocent look:


  • If you want EZ mode, use the face preset I used (the one with the "satellite wing" horns).
  • Pick large, open eyes.
  • Pick level or raised eyebrows (my dude breaks this one, but w/e, it suits him).
  • Large irises. Limbal rings optional - leaving them off can actually emphasise their size.
  • Pick jaw options that give a short chin and rounded cheeks.
  • Pick a nose that is rounded and/or upturned.
  • Try to avoid mouths that look too stern. Bigger lips can help with this (thinner ones can look pursed in irritation).
  • Use face paint around the eyes - or a darker skintone - to hide or lessen the natural shadows under/around the eyes.
  • Pick a hairstyle that emphasises roundness in the face.


TL;DR go through all the options, pick the roundest and/or softest-looking one.


Now... cute highlander dudes... that's something I'd like tips on. xD I had to shove my 19yo on a midlander model because I couldn't make him look under about 40 on the highlander one...

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I think that (unfortunately) Au Ra males are designed to look very intimidating, scary and realistic. Which is really frustrating when you have adorable females.

I have a bit 180 degrees wish because I wish for intimidating high female. Oh well.


Shame, because more diversity in height, body shape and facial (age) features would be great addition. But unfortunately it seems like there is either option cute or option serious/intimidating. Nothing between.


Wish we could do characters like young and teenage Elezens, would make game much more interesting... It's important to have dreams! :D

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