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[2 May 2017] Wiki Page Deletion Procedure Update (How-to + Notice.)

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After receiving feedback on the matter, we are now updating our procedures for deletion of wiki pages. 


Request your wiki page deleted: 

You can request a wiki page you have created to be deleted. 

Simply blank the page and insert the following code: 


{{delete|reason for deletion here}}


Pages that have this tag added, by the owner of the page, will be deleted during ongoing clean up efforts by staff.

Adding a deletion request to a page that is not your own will be held on par with wiki vandalism and is not allowed


This also works with Media pages, e.g an image you have uploaded. If you for whatever reason do not want the image on the Wiki anymore, simply access the file page, hit edit and paste in the deletion request text. Not sure what images you have uploaded? You can see them here:




Pages that have been left blank: 

Presently we have a large amount of pages that have been left blank, presumably because their owners have not known how to request the pages deleted. If you are the owner of one such, please add the request-for-deletion-code at your leisure. 

Pages that have been blank for the last 60 days will be deleted when found by staff. 

This will be an ongoing effort starting from the 5th of May 2017

Wiki pages that are not 100% blank will not be deleted. 


As always, if you come across a wiki page where you suspect something is amiss or it appears to be completely blank, feel free to contact a staff member, we'll look into it.

If you have any questions or worries in regards to this update, you can likewise send us a PM with your questions and concerns.

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